Friday, August 19, 2011


Kayla had orientation yesterday.  She is heading up to the Jr. High.  Cammi had orientation last week.  Where has this summer gone???? The days are getting shorter, this I know, by the start times of the drive-in movies.  They are starting earlier each week.  [INSERT SAD FACE HERE].  I’m going to miss the mid-morning texts.  Ah, but we move forward.  Actually, my very favorite part of the year is coming up.  Fall, apple cider, the pumpkin farm, Thanksgiving, Christmas and a New Year.  That’s life, it’s always changing.  And speaking of changes. . .
Photo by K
New clothes
Note to Self: she wants that hat
Amanda says K is reinventing herself (the HAIR).  Aren't we always???  Diets, hair color, face lifts, new clothes, etc., etc., etc.
When I left for the office this morning, it was gorgeous out! Sunny, blue skies!  Mid-morning a black cloud came through, followed by huge claps of thunder, lightning and rain. And then it passed and all is well again. 
Busy weekend coming up.  Need to pick up K. Need to make meatballs and sauce. Need to do laundry, last minute clean up and prepare for the Engagement Luncheon for Jayme and Tina.  My family is growing!  Need to decide if we go to the drive-in this weekend or take a drive up to Ligonier on Sunday.  Hmmm..
Anywhooo, we may be busy, but life is good! 

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