Monday, August 22, 2011

The Engagement Party

Saturday, I hosted an engagement party for my son and his bride-to-be. 

My son, his bride-to-be, and a new addition to our family
I have never known my son to be so happy. Well, maybe that Christmas he got a Star Wars At-At. Hmm, maybe not.
Okay, just one more.

A family only party so that the two factions could meet.  I measure the success of my parties by the food that is left over and at what time the last guest(s) leave, and by that measure, I think this party was a success.  I know I enjoyed the laughter, the children, the stories, the food, and just spending the afternoon with my present and future family. K and Mom helped (my go-to people).  My only regret, beside Amanda not being there (she was chaperoning a group of teens up at Hershey Park for the weekend) was that I got so caught up in the moment that I didn’t take pictures of the party guests.  

The menu was simple, penne and palpette, salad, Italian bread and an awesome garlic butter, cucumbers with a cool cucumber dip, crackers and chips with a bacon dip and a ranch dip.  Angel food cake topped with cool whip and strawberries.  The centerpiece was a collaboration between Mom and K.
Cukes & Dip - So cool
A Yummy Centerpiece
 Sunday was spent with Mom, K and Chloe.  We went to Eat n’ Park for breakfast, and/or lunch, whatever your fancy as we got there about 11:30.  Then we stopped at Michael’s, Giant Eagle, and back home.
I really didn’t see the girls much, they holed up in my bedroom hovering over the PC.  Can’t imagine what kept them so entertained and I really don’t think I want to know.  They were happy, giggling and eating lots of popsicles.
I watched Jumping the Broom, got caught up on my weekly shows and napped.  {sigh} it was a lovely weekend.
Next up: Planning a “Let’s Meet the Bridal Party” party.  And you know what that means?  Yep, a list!

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