Friday, May 18, 2012

It's Morning Already?

My morning routine is simple.
If I didn't shower/bathe the night before, I do so now.
Then I check the weather so I know how to dress.
Going to 78, perfect for a sundress
I make my bed.
Goodbye bed. . . for now
 ·       Then I brush my teeth, fix my hair, get dressed, put on lipstick (my favorite make-up).  I add a bottle  of water and a baggie of fruit to my bag which is always packed with my notebooks, car phone battery thingy, gum, etc.  Here comes the not so fun part.  I forget/lose things all the time (i.e., car keys, phone, camera, etc.) and then I climb the two flights of stairs 3-5 times before I get out the door.

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