Friday, June 1, 2012

Three Rivers Arts Festival

How do you know the Arts Festival in Pittsburgh has begun?? It's raining!!! But that didn't stop me from walking over during my lunch hour today.  Umbrella and camera in hand, off I went.  Although there were no crowds, there were vendors.  So much good stuff. Glassware, jewelry, woodworkings, paintings, photographs, pottery, sculpture, clay, so, so much!  I can't wait to bring Kayla down here.  Rows of food tents - ah, the aromas!!!! 
Now, I don't know if J. Seward Johnson's street sculptures are a part of the Festival, but they are so lifelike that I went to approach what I thought was one of his works sitting on a bench when it (she) moved.  Thank goodness, I would have made a fool of myself!  I have taken photos of only a few, but am told there are 15 of his works around the city.  I think Kayla will enjoy helping me find all of them.

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