Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Post and Prayers

My intent this morning was to post pretty pictures and flowery dialogue, but I am unable to do so after the terrible devastation suffered by people touched in the aftermath of that deadly two-mile wide tornado that hit Oklahoma City, and most notably, Moore.  Having six grandchildren and two new babies born in our family this past month, I can’t get past the despair and grief being felt by those most affected. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of Oklahoma City, the police and fire departments,  paramedics, medical personnel, rescue teams and volunteers.  May you find comfort in this new day. 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Today . . .

. . . I am still working on WONDERFUL.  With K’s help, all bills with a May due date have been paid.  With A’s help, the house is staying neat.  She was at the house Thursday, and I have to tell you, coming home to a cleaned house is divine! 
I had a fabulous long weekend with my family (took Friday off so it was extended).  My Eldest bought a car and I now have mine back, sooooo, I picked up K and Baby E and we headed on over to the Waterfront for lunch and some creative shopping (Michael’s for scrappy stuff; Giant Eagle because K is making mole´).  Last week she made Panna Cotta from scratch for our Mother’s Day dessert.  It was delicious and I was extremely impressed.  
Friday night, we continued with our Family Movie Night tradition.  Joey’s girls were over and we popped corn and settled in to watch Mama.  I don't think there is anything my children (including the grands) like better than horror films, although we always follow up with a cartoon or comedy.  And sometimes we sleep with lights on.

I had bought my Eldest and his two girls season tickets to Kennywood Park (his chosen Christmas gift), and they, along with Kayla, spent Saturday riding.  Amanda went to a wedding and I kept the three boys.  Thankfully, Mom came over to help.  The weather was perfect and Brendan and Jake were able to play in the yard.  Mom and I (and Baby E) watched Jack Reacher – good thriller!  Especially good because it was filmed in Pittsburgh and we were able to identify with so many sights.
Most exciting was “discovering” this APP which I played with most of the weekend. It’s my newest obsession - just look at "Instagram" on the side bar.  Tee hee. 
Sunday was another gorgeous day.  My Eldest and his girls woke super early as Cammi was in a 3 mile race out at Hartwood Acres. She didn’t win, but she finished.  GO CAMMI!   Mom and K and I we went out for lunch.  Stopped at Target to look at shorts for K.  Back home we settled in on the front porch and my niece came over with her baby.  It was a lovely afternoon.  Heck! It was a lovely weekend!
Baby E

Friday, May 10, 2013

The Newbies

So, yesterday was GOOD.  Not GREAT, but GOOD in that I did accomplish a few things.  After work, I walked 2.3 miles – hooray!! Washed up one load of laundry (dried it, too).  Cleaned up the living room.  Gathered up all the trash (Fridays are trash pick-up days).  Watched the Glee finale – not too good.  Disappointed for Ryder, didn’t like too many of the songs.  I don’t know; is it time to move on to a “new” series??  Was in bed and asleep by 11. 

Today, I uploaded photos taken with my iphone.  There were many!! Yesterday, I mentioned two new additions to our family.  Here they are:

Elliot Hayden born April 17th and Dylan Edward born April 25.  Elliot is my Great Grandson (I’m a very young Great Grandmama).  Dylan is my Great Nephew.  Elliot makes my Mom a Great Great Gram (picture taking on Sunday of the 5 generations).  With all these Greats around, how can we not be wonderful??!!!  

Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Long To Do List

I have a very long to-do list.  Included on it is to find the USB cable to my camera so I can upload all the photos that I have taken since the beginning of this year. We have added two new additions to our family this past month. Both boys, both healthy, both beautiful!! Both needing  lots of photos taken and uploaded.
One great thing I did do at the beginning of this month was to offer my Granddaughter, K, a paying job as my assistant - meaning once a week for up to an hour she goes through my mail, writes out checks for the utility bills, make note of due dates, lists of calls I need to return, appointments that need to be made, etc.  Our first stop was the $1 spot at Target for office supplies (and we found many, fabulous supplies, color-coordinated (teal)), which K put right to use.  This week, we will clean out the desk and she can set it up as it suits her.  Having K take care of the paperwork and my daughter wash and sweep floors, and clean the bathrooms twice a month (money well spent), we help each other in a good way.
Oooooh, my Grandgirls - K and Cam loved Keri Smith's: 

and while checking out what's new at B&N on-line, I came across this fantastic addition, JUST OUT this month!  
I ordered two.  Then I ordered, for me, this pretty little book, Moleskin Passions Travel.
I've put on my wish list, the numerous other Moleskin Passions Journals, i.e., Recipes Journal, Book Journal, Wine Journal, oh, heck, give me all of them!

Now, I've got work to do (real office work).  

Carpe Diem!