Sunday, June 30, 2013

Church Sunday

The babies met up in Church today.
Here they are with their proud mamas.
Mel's got her hands full now!
Back home our little man took over the house.

Saturday, June 29, 2013


Earlier I posted about going to the Drive-In this evening and here we are! We loaded up Amanda’s car and drove out to the Dependable to see Monsters University – LOVED IT!  I love doing this.  I love the whole atmosphere of the drive-in.  When I was a young’un, the drive-in was the cheapest place to take your family.  $5.50 a car load. We had a station wagon and would change into our p.j.’s and throw our bed pillows and blankets into the back of the car.  My sister and brother would always inevitably fall asleep during the first film and I would be treated to the concession stand.  Perks for making it to the second feature.  This particular drive-in is a decent ride but so worth it.  Just $7.25 a person (baby is free) and two feature films.  Now I get to carry Ahhh, give me the night!

Good morning Little E!

No sleeping in today. Little man is awake and in the house!
Good morning Little E!
Tonight we are going to the drive-in!!!

Thursday, June 27, 2013


... One more work day and then I have next week off (three work days and 2 paid holidays, whoop! whoop!).  I am so looking forward to 9 straight days at home. With my family.  I know that Kayla and Baby E will be living here that week and possibly, Cammi (11) and Jade (6).  I’ve already let them know that there will be no fast food (unless someone else is shelling out the clams for it).  My plan is to cook/prepare every meal.  Which means a good cleaning out of the refrigerator tonight (trash pick-up Friday) and a very detailed and thoughtful shopping list.  My to-do list is super long and I also want to document this Week In The Life (ala AliEdwards).  I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS COMING WEEK!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

It's Official - HELLO SUMMER!

Today is the First Day of Summer – June 21, 2013 (it actually arrived at 1:04 a.m. but this welcoming committee was sound asleep.  I’ve given my Summer Manifesto much thought over the past few weeks and below is what I hope to accomplish this fabulous new season! 

My 2013 Summer Manifesto

1.  Go to the Drive-In.  (K, Elliot and I have already done this, but as it was not officially summer, we will be going again.)
2.  Spend more time at Amanda's pool (not in it but beside it.  I prefer to do my swimming in an ocean).
3.    Read the books on my Summer Reading List (see here).
4.   Cook with seasonal foods and eat healthy (visits to the Thursday Farmer’s Market in town are scheduled).
5.   Plant something.
6.   Take evening walks (weather permitting or not.  K and I love walking in the rain).
7.   Organize an outing with the whole family at Idlewild Park.
8.   Clean out the cellar.
9.   Donate, donate, donate.
10. Go thrifting/flea marketing.
11. Have a living room camp-out with the kiddies (smores included).
12. Wear a sundress and sandals every day.
13. Go miniature golfing.
14. Make iced tea.
15. Create a Financial Vision Board.
16. Take more photos.
17. Visit New York City.
18. Ride a train.
19. Learn something new.
20. Document one week this summer month.
21. Create –something new; or complete something started.
22. HAVE FUN!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Melissa!

We celebrated Melissa’s 30th birthday at Yamato Hibachi & Sushi Bar.  Jeez, I changed her diapers!  Where has the time gone???  This place is fun! There was some drama but not from the birthday girl!! She is walking on cloud nine after the recent birth of her beautiful son!!!
The Birthday Girl with her hubby, Brian, and their beautiful son, Dylan.
My Mom (who is now a GREAT, GREAT GRANDMA) with Mel and Dylan.
The cake.
Singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out the Candles.
Having Fun!!!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Happy Retirement Linda!

Today we celebrated my son's Mom-in-Law's retirement from the work force with a surprise party/luncheon. She was SURPRISED! The food was good, the company was good, the children were pretty well behaved.  It was a very enjoyable afternoon.
The Cake.
The Guests.
The surprised Retiree getting hugs.
I love this photo of my Grandson, Ben.
Grandsons Brendan, Ben and Eddie.
Silly Boys.
Fun and Merriment starring Jayme, Tina and Amanda.
Mom, not a happy Elliot, Amanda and Jayme.
Whose giving the speech?? Tiffany or Troy?

Enjoy your retirement, Linda!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


Today we celebrated Kayla’s 15th birthday. K's birthday is really the 11th, but this is a super busy month so we are celebrating a few days early with a Luau! Honored guests were Skye, Melissa, Dylan, Nana, Grammy, Amanda, Brendan, Jacob, David, Samantha, Elliot and the birthday girl herself.

 Kayla chose the theme and party supplies.

Leis for the guests.
Elliot was there, 
and Skye,

Melissa and Dylan, too!

It was a beautiful day for a party and swimming!
Silly, pretty girls.
My baby girl is 15. Waah!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Jade Graduates!

My granddaughter Jade graduated from Kindergarten today.  I was not able to be there because of work, but my son (her father) was and he took photos for me.
Jade is sitting in the second position on the stage in the little black dress.  She is so proud!
This is Cammi, Jade's big sister.