Friday, August 30, 2013

Going Shopping!

Later, once this work day is finished, I will be going shopping for Saturday’s Tastefully Simple party (I LOVE THAT STUFF!) and fixings for a Bake.  The latest Kraft e-mail blast showcased Quick Weeknight Casseroles.  Who doesn’t appreciate the flexibility and simplicity of a one-dish meal?  I know I am in total appreciation.  That is why I am shopping for the ingredients to make the Kraft Three-Cheese Chicken Penne Pasta Bake this Saturday.  I am hosting a TS party in the afternoon and want to be able to just pop something simple into the oven for the children’s dinner later that evening.  Add a salad and some Italian bread, what could be easier?!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Can't Do Without...

... this keyholder and believe me, I know how much more organized my life is now that it has been hung in a convenient place in my entryway.
My sweet granddaughter, Kayla, made this for me as a gift on my last birthday.  She and her brothers made the ornaments to adorn the keyholder (later they will adorn the Christmas tree).  Now, I do not use all my gifts right away, I don't know why, partly because I am a huge procrastinator.  But after numerous trips up and down the stairs and frustrating searches for the car keys, I finally asked my son to please hang this fabulous gift for me.  After using the 28 days to a good habit method (this also worked for making my bed every morning), I hang the keys up as soon as I enter my home and know exactly where to look for them.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Been busy...

... making memories.
My lovely, silly Ben, who is so much bigger and older now.
So excited for September, for LSNED, for WITL, for a change in the weather, for apples and cider, for changing leaves and pumpkins and all the goodness a new season brings.  I've got lots to do, new apps to help keep my busy life moving fluidly, a new hairstyle, new great grandson and new nephew.  My daughter and niece have been coming to Church - so joyful and have our growing family meeting every Sunday.  I am trying to keep sandwich stuff on hand so that everyone can come back to my house for lunch.  Got a new roof on the house (for a good price, too), but still have a leak. I'm pretty sure (at least I hope) that it's the half window going up the third floor.  After researching leaky windows on-line and reading the suggestions of what could help, I am going to remove any old caulking from the inside/outside of the two side windows, re-caulk with weatherproof caulking and seal the heck out of those windows.  If that doesn't help then we'll explore the siding.  I would love to have that situation taken care of before the snow comes.

Otherwise, my life is good!