Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Weather - It's Crazy!

Night before last, Kai texted K, "there's a blizzard outside."  We jumped out of bed (with Baby E on board, we are in our beds by 9 p.m.), to look out the windows.  The wind was howling.  We went out to the front porch to get pics of the storm, but K had a hard time as the storm was pelting her and the wind pushing her back inside the house.
Yesterday morning as I left for work I could hear the drip, drip melting of snow off the roof.  Snow was melting and it was snowing at the same time.  Snowing like rainfall.  This is what I stood in waiting for the bus. It's crazy I tell ya!!

This morning, at 8:30 a.m. it is 40 degrees.  The snow is beginning to melt, although the streets were fairly icy.  There is blue peeking out among the clouds.  It is refreshing!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Over the Weekend and OLW

As you know, my OLW this year is LEARN.  It was a toss-up between LEARN and FINISH, so I decided to use sub-words for each month while carrying the previous month’s subword over.  FINISH was my subword for January and I continue to work on finishing little (and big projects) throughout the house.  So imagine my excitement when I read Ali Edward’s post for today.  You can read the original post here.  When I get home from work tonight (after a quick stop at the grocery store – more snow in our forecast),  I am going to make a list of my unfinished scrapbook projects (Chicago is one) and then pencil in a time when I can dedicate time to work on them.  I’ll confer with K as she can be working on her clay projects at the same time.  If we can just get baby E to cooperate. 
My subword for February is HABIT and I have been working on little chores around the house, making them a habit by doing them each evening before we turn in for the night.  Health-wise, I’ve added more fiber and fresh fruits to my diet, making progress each day on getting 64 ozs of water drunk, and while our streets (and sidewalks) are covered with snow and ice, I’ve been using The 7 Minute Workout App on my iphone as well as Leslie Sansone’s walk a mile tapes (I love those!).
It snowed all weekend.  It did.  Though on Saturday, we didn’t care how the roads were, we had to get out of that house.  Also the car needed an oil change, air in the tire and a front end adjustment.  So, we called Mom and made arrangements to meet at the Pittsburgh Mills, threw the stroller in the trunk and off we went.  We must have spent at least six hours there, trying on clothes, having a good lunch at Panera’s, walking, talking, bonding.  At Dress Barn, I bought three dresses (clearance sale, everything 50% off!) and K got Spanx (much cheaper there than at Macy’s).  At Macy’s though, K got a dress we were prepared to pay $33.00 for, but after the sale price and coupons, we got it for $14.00 and Mom got two shirts at $7.50 each. 
K got a new dress
Good deals!  At Sears, Mom got E an outfit and a pair of pants, all on sale.  I love spending the day with my Mom, we always have a good time.
Baby E and Friend
Later in the evening, the girls went to see “Frozen” at the theater.  Kai’s mom drove them to and E and I picked them up.  They said the movie is really good.
Yesterday was cold and it SNOWED.  We only went out once and that was to go to Church.  Baby E was very vocal and put his own two cents in most of the service.  Mel and B came with Baby D and the boys jabbered a bit.  It is so fun to see how they react to each other.
Back at home, we “timer” cleaned the kitchen – 1 hour max and then move on.  We had it cleaned well before the timer went off and then moved to the entrance hall.  Tonight is the dining room (used as a catchall and I really don’t like it).
Kitchen cleaned - check
As a side note, not only do we celebrate President’s Day today, Baby E is officially 10 mos. today.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My "Someday" Wish List: THE LIVING ROOM

Someday . . . actually I love pouring over Pottery Barn and Ikea catalogs.  There are some fabulous decorating ideas to be had in them thar pages.  I may never be able to afford some (or any) of the fab furnishings, but I can and have replicate(d) a few of the accents.  

Currently on my "Someday" wish list:

This couch from Pottery Barn.
and the chair, too.

While I'm not too sure about an oval or round coffee table, I do know that tables with pointed ends are not conducive to baby E's pretty face.  I've had to remove ours from the living room until either he is walking on his own with the balance of a tightrope walker OR he turns 12.
I think I could get used to this one and I'm really liking the color of that couch:

This leaning book case has me intrigued.  I could use this all over the house.
As for lamps, I'd have a tough time choosing.  I like these:

This is fabulous:
I like these, too:

Decisions, decisions. And then there's the floor.  I'd need new carpet. and drapes. and a throw or two. and pillows and . . . a second job.

Don't you just love making "someday" lists????

Friday, February 14, 2014

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

I Love NYC

I've finally uploaded the photos from my last trip to NYC.  It was the weekend right after Thanksgiving and just before the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Plaza.  I hopped on the "Pennsylvanian" early Saturday morning (it's about 9 hours by train, but I love that, too!)  The weather in NYC was perfect.  Not too cold, definitely not warm, but not cold.  I didn't stay in my usual favorite place, but chose a hotel a few streets over from Times Square so as to branch out and explore new areas of NYC.  This place is electrifying and I absolutely love it!!!!  I hope to be back there SOON!
One evening, I had dinner at Eataly's. Eataly's houses about nine restaurants.  They all had waiting lists. Seriously.  There is also a market throughout and a wine shop.  This place has to be seen to be believed.  I had a fabulous meat and cheese plate at one of the stand up counters.  It was incredible and that was just the start.  I got a table at Le Verdure and ordered the Zucca Al Forno.  A delicious plate of oven roasted butternut squash, with parmigiano reggiano, and toasted pumpkin seeds, doused lightly with breadcrumbs and a balsamic vinagrette.  Oh My Gosh!

I did some shopping, bought a few Christmas presents while I was there.  Made a stop at the American Girl Doll store and FAO Schwartz.  Macy's (but that was for me).  I bought a few ornaments at Bryant Park's Winter Village.

Lots of shoppers and ice skaters at Bryant Park

This little set up was filled with lovely ornaments
Bill's Bar & Burger
For lunch, I met up with a friend for the most yummy burgers at Bills Bar & Burger.

I then took a long walk to check out store windows dressed for Christmas.

Lord & Taylor's windows featured a vintage "Christmas in New York" theme:

Macy's windows embraced a boy's journey through a magical place:

That evening, I met up with my friend and we took a cab to The Plaza Hotel. This place is lovely. Inside and out.

Although it was a short weekend visit, I packed alot in.  The trip was relaxing, totally needed, and I am so looking forward to going back soon!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Word Revisited

My word for 2014 is LEARN.  It’s said that it takes 28 days to learn a new habit.  What better month than February!  I have two majors that need an overhaul – health and housekeeping.  
Health – I have missed five days of work since the start of the new year and before that I had caught a bad cold back in November.  This latest cold has been very hard to shake.  I am going on two weeks with a very bad cough.  Despite the aspirin and codeine laced cough syrup, it’s still here.  Now, Kayla and Elliot have been staying with me most of this month and K and I had a good talk about what we need to change and really work at.  My Mom gave us a blender and K has been whipping up smoothies made of good for you foods.  With the exception of one sugary treat a day, we have agreed to cut out the junk (we both want to be bikini ready (ahem) by the start of summer).  And we have agreed to MOVE more.  I downloaded a 7 minute exercise app on my phone that we try to do when Elliot allows.  Believe me, we can’t wait to put him in the stroller and resume our mile(s) long walks, but Pittsburgh has been pretty much snow covered (and goodness forbid, some people shovel their walks, NOT) so just going for a walk is not feasible just yet.  My walk to the bus each morning is perilous.  Am I and my neighbor to the left the only homes with shovels and salt?????  Whatev. 

The second habit has more to do with K and that is helping with the housekeeping.  When those two are not with me, the bed is made every morning.  I leave before they get up so I can’t make it.  Also, I like to have the downstairs plus kitchen cleaned up before I go to bed.  SO, besides getting K’s school work done each evening, we have to find a workable routine to include a few chores.  
And that’s what we are working on in February.

Saturday, February 1, 2014


Ah, the month of LOVE.  Also, the shortest month of the year. 


February 2: Groundhog Day
February 14: Valentine's Day
February 17: President's Day

This year, Super Bowl Sunday falls on Groundhog Day.  Why not combine the two with a party for the adults and a party for the kiddies.

1.            Groundhog Day party ideas:  Watch the film, Groundhog Day.    Serve Groundhog Day Party fare.  You can find a full menu here at   Do a craft.  Enchanted Crafts has loads of craft ideas for Groundhog’s Day. 

2.            Host a Super Bowl.  Real Simple magazine has a totally doable Super Bowl Party Checklist with tons of tips and recipes.  Over the years, I’ve used many of Kraft’s tips, ideas and recipes for throwing a fun super bowl party.  Check them out here.    

3.            Make or purchase Valentines and send them

4.            Bake up heart shaped sugar cookies. Frost them. Top each one with a conversation heart.

5.            Write a love letter.

6.            Buy a new book, maybe a book of poems.

7.            In honor of the president who could not tell a lie – bake a cherry pie.