Saturday, February 15, 2014

My "Someday" Wish List: THE LIVING ROOM

Someday . . . actually I love pouring over Pottery Barn and Ikea catalogs.  There are some fabulous decorating ideas to be had in them thar pages.  I may never be able to afford some (or any) of the fab furnishings, but I can and have replicate(d) a few of the accents.  

Currently on my "Someday" wish list:

This couch from Pottery Barn.
and the chair, too.

While I'm not too sure about an oval or round coffee table, I do know that tables with pointed ends are not conducive to baby E's pretty face.  I've had to remove ours from the living room until either he is walking on his own with the balance of a tightrope walker OR he turns 12.
I think I could get used to this one and I'm really liking the color of that couch:

This leaning book case has me intrigued.  I could use this all over the house.
As for lamps, I'd have a tough time choosing.  I like these:

This is fabulous:
I like these, too:

Decisions, decisions. And then there's the floor.  I'd need new carpet. and drapes. and a throw or two. and pillows and . . . a second job.

Don't you just love making "someday" lists????

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