Monday, February 17, 2014

Over the Weekend and OLW

As you know, my OLW this year is LEARN.  It was a toss-up between LEARN and FINISH, so I decided to use sub-words for each month while carrying the previous month’s subword over.  FINISH was my subword for January and I continue to work on finishing little (and big projects) throughout the house.  So imagine my excitement when I read Ali Edward’s post for today.  You can read the original post here.  When I get home from work tonight (after a quick stop at the grocery store – more snow in our forecast),  I am going to make a list of my unfinished scrapbook projects (Chicago is one) and then pencil in a time when I can dedicate time to work on them.  I’ll confer with K as she can be working on her clay projects at the same time.  If we can just get baby E to cooperate. 
My subword for February is HABIT and I have been working on little chores around the house, making them a habit by doing them each evening before we turn in for the night.  Health-wise, I’ve added more fiber and fresh fruits to my diet, making progress each day on getting 64 ozs of water drunk, and while our streets (and sidewalks) are covered with snow and ice, I’ve been using The 7 Minute Workout App on my iphone as well as Leslie Sansone’s walk a mile tapes (I love those!).
It snowed all weekend.  It did.  Though on Saturday, we didn’t care how the roads were, we had to get out of that house.  Also the car needed an oil change, air in the tire and a front end adjustment.  So, we called Mom and made arrangements to meet at the Pittsburgh Mills, threw the stroller in the trunk and off we went.  We must have spent at least six hours there, trying on clothes, having a good lunch at Panera’s, walking, talking, bonding.  At Dress Barn, I bought three dresses (clearance sale, everything 50% off!) and K got Spanx (much cheaper there than at Macy’s).  At Macy’s though, K got a dress we were prepared to pay $33.00 for, but after the sale price and coupons, we got it for $14.00 and Mom got two shirts at $7.50 each. 
K got a new dress
Good deals!  At Sears, Mom got E an outfit and a pair of pants, all on sale.  I love spending the day with my Mom, we always have a good time.
Baby E and Friend
Later in the evening, the girls went to see “Frozen” at the theater.  Kai’s mom drove them to and E and I picked them up.  They said the movie is really good.
Yesterday was cold and it SNOWED.  We only went out once and that was to go to Church.  Baby E was very vocal and put his own two cents in most of the service.  Mel and B came with Baby D and the boys jabbered a bit.  It is so fun to see how they react to each other.
Back at home, we “timer” cleaned the kitchen – 1 hour max and then move on.  We had it cleaned well before the timer went off and then moved to the entrance hall.  Tonight is the dining room (used as a catchall and I really don’t like it).
Kitchen cleaned - check
As a side note, not only do we celebrate President’s Day today, Baby E is officially 10 mos. today.

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