Monday, March 24, 2014

We are already heading into April.  As I get older, the time flies by much, much faster.  I've been thinking about my OLW (Learn) and in my need to do something (ever feel like that?), I’ve made a list of what my current interests are.  I’ve taken a look through prior blog posts, the blogs I read most, and the magazines I buy the most.  They all have to do with being a homemaker, being a DIYourselfer, being a parent, and creating.  Now that K and Elliot are staying at the house more, I feel we need structure, or a map, if you will, of day to day-ness.  Also, K is going to be on her own one day and it won’t hurt her to learn to keep house, pay bills and cook (that might be tougher, she got a nasty burn on the inside of her arm last week taking dinner out of the oven). At the end of the day though, I see so much that didn’t get done, and so much that I want to teach her, and I think if we collaborate on a plan and a schedule and follow it, our days will run much more smoothly.
I am so totally excited that she and E are staying here more.  It’s so much better going home to a house that’s lit, warm and filled with laughter than going to a home that sits cold, dark and being alone.

Anyway, at this time of my life, I find that my main interests, besides my blog, which I totally love, are (not in order of importance):

1.         Having a container garden. Flowers, herbs and vegetables.
2.         Learning how to use the herbs in cooking and how to dry them for winter months.
3.         DIY at-home spas.
4.         Learning to sew.
5.         Crocheting wearables, dishcloths, afghans, rugs, etc.
6.         Creating and maintaining a budget.
7.         Organization.
8.         Housekeeping.
9.         Going green.
10.       Being healthy/exercise.
11.       Cooking.
12.       Travelling.

The above are what I want to dive into, learn about, cultivate, do right now.  I want to sit down with K and have her make a list of what her current interests are (besides watching videos on her iphone).  
And, while I am still loving Springpad, I cannot give up my Mary Englebreit notebooks to map out my ideas.  I purchased three this weekend and they are ready to be filled. And I am ready to be writing, learning, doing and crossing off my lists.

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