Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today is THE Day!

I did it. I signed up for Weight Watchers.  The offer was 3 months + 1 free.  That's four months to lose a good 30 pounds.  I am applying Becky Higgins' advice here: Begin with the End in Mind.  My End: 30 lbs. and many inches LOST, a size 6 brown suit and a little dress still with tags.  I will be wearing these by the end of August.
Lots happening.  Lots have happened.  Both little guys celebrated their first birthdays.  K's braces are off. We are planning another weekend at Castaway. Going to drive up to Cuyahoga Fall's in a few weeks. I am going to sneak in a weekend to NYC SOON! Planning K's Sweet 16, plus all the spring cleaning, it's just busy!
I've finished watching Season 1 of True Detective. I really liked it.  Started Empire Boardwalk. Going to get my $10.00 a month worth of HBO while it I have it.
Tonight, Mom and I are going to see Candida at the O'Reilly Theater.  Heard it was real good.  And that's my status update for today.
I really do not like having my photo taken, but here is one taken on April 19. I'll update as I LOSE!!!
Carrying the birthday boy to the bath

Friday, April 25, 2014


This is Elliot. We celebrated his first birthday last Saturday.  He had no problem diving into his personal smash cake.  I loved when he threw his leg up on the table and totally got into what he was doing.  He is so much fun!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014



When revamping and putting into action my MORNING ROUTINE, I realized that I was going to have to make adjustments to my EVENING ROUTINE.  With a teenager and a baby in the house, gone are the long quiet, calm and peaceful evenings of just sitting in a clean living room watching t.v. or reading a book. Ahem. But I admit, I am so happy to have them here!!!! Now the house is Alive! Alive with Laughter! Love! Warmth! Giggles! Dirty diapers! Dirty Laundry! Dirty handprints!
There is no way the Morning Routine would work if certain chores/tasks were not done the night before.  And although, there definitely are not enough hours at the end of the day, and the need for flexibility is PRIORITY, Kayla and I worked together to come up with a routine that we would “fit” us both.

Oh, before I forget, my routines are adapted from The FlyLady’s Flight Plan and modified to fit my lifestyle.


Unlike the morning, I have no set times for most of the chores that get done.  I try to do them in between dinner, cleaning the kitchen, helping K with homework, baths/showers, playing with baby, etc.
1.         Clean sweep the down-stair rooms before heading to the bedroom for the night.
            This includes:
            A.        Living room and dining room: pick up and put away toys, magazines, books, clothes, shoes, etc. Clean off surfaces, run sweeper (if needed).
            B.        Kitchen: After dinner, wash the dishes, dry, put away.  If packing lunch for next day, do so now.  Wipe off appliances, sweep floor.
            C.        Entry way: Tidy up shoes.
            D.        Do a load of laundry or two.

2.         Gather garbage and laundry from all areas. 

3.         Choose clothing for next day, put in designated place. Make sure keys and purse, are in entryway.

Monday, April 7, 2014



There are children in the house.  Hallelujah! This also means more work and more work means new routines.  When I found myself hitting the snooze button way too many times and wasting even more time running up and down the stairs for items forgotten, I knew I had to rethink my morning routine.  Now, mornings run much smoother, with little or no stress, and the added bonus is that I get a head start on my day and to work on time.  Oh, before I forget, my routines are adapted from The FlyLady’s Flight Plan and modified to fit my lifestyle.


5:30 a.m.        Get up. Make bed.  (I love climbing into a made bed at night).
5:35 a.m.        Move – I have the “7 Minute Workout” App on my phone.  It’s just enough to get me moving in the morning.
                        Gather any laundry.
5:45 a.m.        Brush teeth.
                        Wash face.
                        Fix hair.
            (Because of my hair (usually thick & curly, currently smooth & straight, thanks Brazilian Blowout and my hairdresser!), I shower/bathe the night before.
                        Clean toilet, sink and wipe mirrors.
            Dress.  I have an area in the dining room where I lay out my clothes the night before.  One of my very first apps was “Stylebook,” a cool app for storing photos of my outfits (I often take pics of me in the clothes) so it’s easy to pull a look together.
                        Start the laundry.
                        If using slow cooker, prepare dinner.
6:40 a.m.        Leave for work.

On the bus, I will:
                        Check my Springpad (app) notebooks for any appointments, check yesterday’s to-do list (I carry over tasks not complete), make today’s to-do list and check my personal e-mails.

Arrive in town by 7:30 a.m.  At my desk, I will:
                        Take my meds.
                        Get coffee.
                        Eat breakfast (either yogurt parfait* or oatmeal)
                        Check work related emails.

8:00 a.m.  The work day begins.

Let me just say one more thing here. I love this routine and it works, but it is not always the norm.  There are mornings that Little Mr. E. decides to get up before the alarm and he takes priority over all the other stuff.  Luckily he usually is back in bed before 6:30 and I’m able to.

*Yogurt Parfait
In a totable container:
Layer ½ cup of your favorite vanilla yogurt
½ cup fresh fruit (strawberries, mandarin orange slices, blueberries, bananas, etc.)
Another ½ cup of vanilla yogurt.
Top with a tablespoon of (my favorite) sliced almonds or granola or Toll House Mini Morsels.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

OLW, Revisted

My chosen word for this year is LEARN and at the time I chose it, the word seemed most appropriate, though often I think it should have been FINISH because I always have so much that needs finished .  Although, last month K and I learned that we are not too good at using a sewing machine.  Even Mom was stumped.  We need a self-threading machine.  Do they make those??? There’s one for the Google-this list.  We’ve gotten out the Sewing for Dummies book and are going to LEARN how to use that machine!!

This month my goal is to plant a container garden – lettuce, tomatoes, basil, thyme, flowers, a potpourri, if you will, of different seeds and learn how to care for them, how to use the herbs in cooked dishes and how to dry them (and the flowers) for other uses.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Goals 2014

April’s Goals

Since April is such a busy month for us, I am keeping this month’s goals simple and few. 

1.       Finish crocheted sweater (I’ve only been working on this since January!)
2.       Walk more
3.       Finish cleaning what will be Kayla’s room 
             (the furniture is being delivered next week!)
4.       Spring clean inside and out
5.       Read a book
6.       Finish what I start
7.       Start a container garden

New month, new day, new date, new chapter, new page, new wishes! Welcome April! 
~ Anonymous 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Welcome April!!!!!

April Celebrations:
April 13 – Psalm Sunday
April 18 – Good Friday
April 20 – Easter
April 22 – Earth Day
April 23 – Admin Day
April 25 – Arbor Day

1.         Open the windows and let the breeze in.  This house needs a good airing out.
2.         Clean out the clothes drawers and closets.  
            Store the winter items, bring out the summer clothes.
3.         Give the house a good spring cleaning.
4.         Plant flowers.
5.         Begin a container garden.
6.         Clean off the porches, clean the yards.
7.         Enough cleaning! Go for a walk. Reacquaint yourself with the neighborhood.
8.         Go to the park.  Swing.
9.         Visit the zoo.
10.       Go to the flea market, rummage sale, yard sale.

It is a glorious day here in Pittsburgh, PA!!!  Yes, it’s a bit cool this morning, but the temps are rising.  So, uplifting! Makes me feel SO HAPPY!!!  Spring has arrived!!!!! And that’s no April Fool!!!  Finally, we can OPEN a window!! 
We have so much on our calendar this month besides all of the above.  The kick-off is Cammi’s 12th birthday on the 3rd, followed by my Dad’s on Psalm Sunday.  Elliot’s 1st is on the 17th, though we will celebrate it on Saturday, the 19th sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Good Friday we will dye eggs in the evening as the boys, meaning Ben, Brendan and Jake, will be sleeping over.  The following week we celebrate Mister’s birthday and Dylan’s 1st (born the 25th) on the 26th.  Whew, April is filled with celebration.
I am so looking forward to getting my house aired out, cleaned and ready for summer!!!  I’ve ordered Kayla’s bed frame, mattress and dresser.  Our hope is to have her room finished by Good Friday.  We have a VVA pick-up scheduled.  We also have the added pressure of Elliot’s birthday and Easter, so we must make house and get this place in tip-top shape.

I hope your day is glorious!!!!  Enjoy!