Tuesday, April 8, 2014



When revamping and putting into action my MORNING ROUTINE, I realized that I was going to have to make adjustments to my EVENING ROUTINE.  With a teenager and a baby in the house, gone are the long quiet, calm and peaceful evenings of just sitting in a clean living room watching t.v. or reading a book. Ahem. But I admit, I am so happy to have them here!!!! Now the house is Alive! Alive with Laughter! Love! Warmth! Giggles! Dirty diapers! Dirty Laundry! Dirty handprints!
There is no way the Morning Routine would work if certain chores/tasks were not done the night before.  And although, there definitely are not enough hours at the end of the day, and the need for flexibility is PRIORITY, Kayla and I worked together to come up with a routine that we would “fit” us both.

Oh, before I forget, my routines are adapted from The FlyLady’s Flight Plan and modified to fit my lifestyle.


Unlike the morning, I have no set times for most of the chores that get done.  I try to do them in between dinner, cleaning the kitchen, helping K with homework, baths/showers, playing with baby, etc.
1.         Clean sweep the down-stair rooms before heading to the bedroom for the night.
            This includes:
            A.        Living room and dining room: pick up and put away toys, magazines, books, clothes, shoes, etc. Clean off surfaces, run sweeper (if needed).
            B.        Kitchen: After dinner, wash the dishes, dry, put away.  If packing lunch for next day, do so now.  Wipe off appliances, sweep floor.
            C.        Entry way: Tidy up shoes.
            D.        Do a load of laundry or two.

2.         Gather garbage and laundry from all areas. 

3.         Choose clothing for next day, put in designated place. Make sure keys and purse, are in entryway.

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