Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Today is THE Day!

I did it. I signed up for Weight Watchers.  The offer was 3 months + 1 free.  That's four months to lose a good 30 pounds.  I am applying Becky Higgins' advice here: Begin with the End in Mind.  My End: 30 lbs. and many inches LOST, a size 6 brown suit and a little dress still with tags.  I will be wearing these by the end of August.
Lots happening.  Lots have happened.  Both little guys celebrated their first birthdays.  K's braces are off. We are planning another weekend at Castaway. Going to drive up to Cuyahoga Fall's in a few weeks. I am going to sneak in a weekend to NYC SOON! Planning K's Sweet 16, plus all the spring cleaning, it's just busy!
I've finished watching Season 1 of True Detective. I really liked it.  Started Empire Boardwalk. Going to get my $10.00 a month worth of HBO while it I have it.
Tonight, Mom and I are going to see Candida at the O'Reilly Theater.  Heard it was real good.  And that's my status update for today.
I really do not like having my photo taken, but here is one taken on April 19. I'll update as I LOSE!!!
Carrying the birthday boy to the bath

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