Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Welcome April!!!!!

April Celebrations:
April 13 – Psalm Sunday
April 18 – Good Friday
April 20 – Easter
April 22 – Earth Day
April 23 – Admin Day
April 25 – Arbor Day

1.         Open the windows and let the breeze in.  This house needs a good airing out.
2.         Clean out the clothes drawers and closets.  
            Store the winter items, bring out the summer clothes.
3.         Give the house a good spring cleaning.
4.         Plant flowers.
5.         Begin a container garden.
6.         Clean off the porches, clean the yards.
7.         Enough cleaning! Go for a walk. Reacquaint yourself with the neighborhood.
8.         Go to the park.  Swing.
9.         Visit the zoo.
10.       Go to the flea market, rummage sale, yard sale.

It is a glorious day here in Pittsburgh, PA!!!  Yes, it’s a bit cool this morning, but the temps are rising.  So, uplifting! Makes me feel SO HAPPY!!!  Spring has arrived!!!!! And that’s no April Fool!!!  Finally, we can OPEN a window!! 
We have so much on our calendar this month besides all of the above.  The kick-off is Cammi’s 12th birthday on the 3rd, followed by my Dad’s on Psalm Sunday.  Elliot’s 1st is on the 17th, though we will celebrate it on Saturday, the 19th sandwiched between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  Good Friday we will dye eggs in the evening as the boys, meaning Ben, Brendan and Jake, will be sleeping over.  The following week we celebrate Mister’s birthday and Dylan’s 1st (born the 25th) on the 26th.  Whew, April is filled with celebration.
I am so looking forward to getting my house aired out, cleaned and ready for summer!!!  I’ve ordered Kayla’s bed frame, mattress and dresser.  Our hope is to have her room finished by Good Friday.  We have a VVA pick-up scheduled.  We also have the added pressure of Elliot’s birthday and Easter, so we must make house and get this place in tip-top shape.

I hope your day is glorious!!!!  Enjoy!

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