Friday, May 9, 2014

A Day in the Life - May 8, 2014

I always get excited when Ali Edwards' schedules a "Day in the Life" or a "Week in the Life."  Yesterday, he 8th, was a "Day in the Life."  Even though I wrote myself a reminder (um, right), I didn't remember until around later in the a.m.  I so hate when that happens. Ugh! So I missed the very early hours of the day;  El getting up before the alarm went off, getting him a bottle and settling him on the couch with his favorite movie, "The Cat in the Hat." Dressing for work and then waking K to join E.  I try to slip out quietly and get myself to work.  Following is my day in pictures and a few words.
Bus stop at the end of my street. 
I am very lucky in that the bus stops at the end of my street and on the corner of where I work.
I arrive at our office by 8 a.m.
My desk.  We have been extremely busy lately. That's a good thing!
10:00 a.m. Time for eats.  I never noticed all the wires hanging around my desk til now.
The temps rose to the 80's today.  I took a moment to go check it out for myself.  Ahhhhhhh.

As soon as I got home, Kay, Kai, El and I drove over to Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill to walk, window shop, and just enjoy this fabulous weather.   

El is super inquisitive.  He especially likes trucks and buses.
While the girls are in Avalon Exchange checking out second hand clothing (they are thrifters!), El takes time to eat.
This little man is so into feeding himself.
These Gerber Graduates and the Plum Organics  - AWESOME!\Fabulous for traveling. You can also purchase spoon dispensers that screw onto the tip.  Brilliant idea!!! And El LIKES them - no fussy mealtimes!
The girls chose Pizza Cono for dinner.  I had a Classic Pepperoni. It was so good!
Kayla tried on a few dresses at Avalon.  I liked the first and the third.  She bought the navy blue.

Dusk descends.  Time to go home.  Kayla worked on her Social Studies (homeschool).  I got El ready for bed.  We slept.

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