Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Goals for May, 2014

Goals for May 2014

Thunderstorms today, but the temps are getting up there.  Last evening, the girls and I loaded the stroller in the car and drove over to Squirrel Hill for a Rita’s treat and a leisurely walk.  It was lovely!

1.         Build Kayla’s dresser
2.         Lose at least 8 lbs. (weight watchers)
3.         Plan Mother’s Day outing
4.         Keep spring cleaning inside and out\
5          Read a book (Leslie Meier’s “Mail Order Murder”)
6.         Finish what I start
7.         Research growing a medicinal herb garden. Do it.
8.         Plan Memorial Day menu
9.         Schedule a VA pick-up
10.       Plant Aloe Vera (see howstuffworks for 40 amazing uses for aloe vera)
11.        Walk, walk, walk
12.        Spend lots of time with this busy little guy!

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