Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello SUMMER!!!!

TODAY, officially 9 minutes ago, SUMMER arrived.  With that, I revisited my 2012 Summer Manifesto. The only item I deleted was swimming more in my daughter's pool. Not that I don't want to, but I'm at the office everyday and our weekends are filling up fast.  Otherwise, everything else on the list is perfect for 2014 (no, I never did do #21 or 23, but HEY! it's a new year!!)


1.             Go to the Drive-In
2.             Read the books on my Summer Reading List
3.             Cook with seasonal foods (and eat healthy)
4.             Grow a garden
5.             Walk the neighborhood in the evenings
6.             Have more picnics
7.             Clean out the cellar (again)
8.             Spa weekend once a month (with the girls)
9.             Go thrifting
10.          Make something wearable
11.           Camp-out in the LR with the kiddies (make smores)
12.           Make ice-cream
13.           Take a trip to the zoo
14.          On a rainy day, go to the museum
15.          Wear a summer dress every day (even on the weekends)
16.          Go miniature golfing
17.          Take all the kiddies to Idlewild Park
18.          Enjoy my front porch
19.          Make iced tea
20.          Donate
21.          Make a Financial Vision Board 
22.          Take more photos
23.          Learn to sew
24.          HAVE FUN!

 Cheers to Healthy, Happy Summer!

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