Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

Fabulous weekend! Amanda picked up Elliot on Thursday and kept him through Sunday. Missed the little guy but we sure got stuff done. Friday night, took K to Macy's so she could get a new outfit for Kennywood.

Saturday, we work up bright and early and rode out to Plum so I could pick up my script sunglasses. Perfect, sunny day, too! Quick stop at Pat Cataans where K chose some pretty yarn for a poncho/shawl. Next, was a leisurely breakfast at E&P, B&N for a look around and Ultas for K. Trader Joe's for organic grapes and molasses cookies. Last on the list was Tuesday Morning where I bought this reversible, indoor/outdoor rug for the front porch.
Back home, we washed down the porch furniture, swept the porch, laid down the new rug, hung curtains and took down the Christmas lights that have been hanging for years. Then we poured some soda and enjoyed our ready for summer porch.
Towards evening, we picked up cousin Chloe and had a game night. Today, after Church, I dropped the girls at Kennywood. Elliot and I had a relaxing afternoon and dinner at E&P before we picked up the girls. 
And how did our fab weekend end?? Happy, yet exhausted! 

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