Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Currently . . .

. . . my absolute favorite time of the year is just around the corner.  The months September through December, for me, are the best!  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the heat of summer, but these next few months are the most fun filled, activity packed months for this family, and who doesn’t like sweatshirt weather (just a teeny bit??). 
Currently, we are finishing a school year (August 15 is the last day for K to get all her assignments in).  Her new school year begins the last week of August.  We have a planned school shopping trip scheduled this week.  Since she is cyber-schooled her new school outfits will mostly consist of new p.j.’s.  Funny, huh?  Actually, I said it as a joke and she loved the idea.  She’ll have four 1 hour virtual classes this coming school year, and I’m insisting on her attending a few of the social outings offered by the school, so we’ll also get a few new shirts and jeans, too.
I have the VA scheduled for a pick-up this Thursday and, oh my, I have at least four boxes ready to go and that doesn’t even make a dent in the STUFF we have accumulated! UGH!
Elliot is growing ever so fast and he is saying more words.  He also can show you where his nose is, loves dogs, birds and Thomas the Train.  Still dances as soon as any music is heard.  Still insists on feeding himself.  Still spills out his toy box as soon as you clean the room.  He is such an awesome little guy.  I can hardly wait til 5:00 to get home to him.
We have an action packed weekend planned, the drive-in Friday, the Science Center on Saturday, Church and Kennywood (for K and Carl) on Sunday.  I’ve also got to fit in grocery shopping and tons of laundry.

 I would ask that you please add Beth Orbin (Pennsylvania) on your prayer list.  She has received some horrible health related news and her children are only 7 and 5.  Thank you.

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