Tuesday, September 9, 2014


...Elliot has taken to climbing up the stairs.  He has yet to come back down the proper way.  We need more baby gates and doors need to be shut...
...Kayla is still making a "beautiful" mess with inks, dyes and coconut oil...
...although the dishes still aren't getting washed...
...the plates are getting licked clean...
... and every day is a guacamole day.
It is so busy around here and I keep having to stop myself and say, HEY! this is your favorite time of year, take a moment, look around, enjoy it!
Kayla is being homeschooled this year.  We've settled on a curriculum and a schedule that we hope works for us. My job keeps me away from the house an average of ten hours a day (that includes travel) and between shopping, dinner, laundry, baths and schoolwork, it's ALOT.  AND, I love it!  I really do, though if finances permitted it, I would love to cut down on the work week hours.
ANYHOO, we did "chase" the Harvest Moon last night.  From the back of the house windows, the view was AWESOME!  Here is our best shot from "the chase."

Taken with my iphone 4.  Doesn't do it justice, but it's what we had and we were in a car. We had FUN.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

What to do in September.

This fall season offers up a crop of fun things to do.  Enjoy!!!  
  • The Harvest Moon rises Monday, September 8. Stay up and watch.  
  • Go back to school.  
  • Take a class, a course, an e-course. Learn something.  
  • Pick apples and then make applesauce or apple pie, or apple betty or...  
  • Go for a nature walk.  
  • Collect brightly colored leaves.  
  • Make a wreath for your front door.  Check out Better Homes & Gardens for some fun fall crafts with colored leaves.  
  • Attend a high school football game. 
  • Decorate your front porch with mums.  (I’m waiting for mine to bloom). 
  • Create a Fall bucket list. 
  • Rake the fallen leaves and then jump in them! 
  • Go school clothes shopping.

Friday, September 5, 2014


These four walls: I spend a good part of my week at the office, so when I go home, I want to just relax.  My bedroom is my sanctuary.  It's where I go to think, read, watch the latest series on Netflix, play and just be totally myself.  In this room, I am surrounded by all that I love, an album cover from Dr. Zhviago, my favorite books that I've read numerous times, pictures of the kiddies, my vanity, my Gram's 100+ years old rocking chair, my favorite stuffed bunny and lots of other trinkets and keepsakes.
Another room I enjoy (when its clean) is the dining room.  This room has seen so many parties.  All my kids crowd into this room for good food, conversation and game playing.  During the week, the table gets piled with folded laundry, unread mail and papers galore.  The weekends, it's cleaned and ready for guests.
I have a big, old house that will be 100 years old in 2015.  It's sometimes a burden to keep up, but I and my family love it.

Hey! It's Friday!!! Enjoy!!!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

LSNED for Day 2 and 3

I'm catching up!
Day 2 - Someone you admire.  Hands down, it's my Mom and then my Granddaughter, Kayla.  My Mom, because she is just plain awesome.  She's nice. To everyone.  People love her.  She brightens the day of those around her and anyone she meets.  My Mom is dynamite.  She runs rings around all of us with her unending energy.  My Mom is super forgiving and she is always here for me.  I think it's her friendliness and niceness that I admire most.  She helps everyone, not just family members.  She's a person to strive to be like.

Next is Kayla.  This little lady has overcome alot. She lives her life fully and with such zest.  I'm her personal cheerleader.  Go K!

Day 3 - Moving forward.  The next steps in my life will be moving forward toward a healthier lifestyle, e.g., exercise and eating sensibly.  Next is homeschooling with Kayla.  This is a big step, but I think we are both looking forward to it.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Welcome September!

I'm a day behind already!!!
I'm kicking off the season (this is my most, MOST favorite time of the year!) by participating in Shimelle's "Learn Something New Every Day."  I look forward to this project every year.  Although, I mostly participate through my blog, this year I am going to have a book with photos and words by the end of this month. I've worked on my cover.  This is it:

This past Labor Day weekend was glorious!!  I want to do it again! As we shopped just about every day of our holiday weekend, I learned that coupons (especially Macy's Department Store coupons) REALLY do make a difference!!!!  My Mom, awesome person who shares her coupons with me, and I bought about $400.00 worth of stuff (well, she helped me buy that much) and we spent shy of $200.00.  Who can beat that?!  

Here's just a sampling.  I got my Mom two jackets for her birthday and a poncho shirt for K.  We got candles and Yankee Candle and an ornament from Hallmark.  A lovely lunch at Panera's and then it was time to pick up the kiddies.  Hanging with my Mom makes for a really good day!!!