Friday, September 5, 2014


These four walls: I spend a good part of my week at the office, so when I go home, I want to just relax.  My bedroom is my sanctuary.  It's where I go to think, read, watch the latest series on Netflix, play and just be totally myself.  In this room, I am surrounded by all that I love, an album cover from Dr. Zhviago, my favorite books that I've read numerous times, pictures of the kiddies, my vanity, my Gram's 100+ years old rocking chair, my favorite stuffed bunny and lots of other trinkets and keepsakes.
Another room I enjoy (when its clean) is the dining room.  This room has seen so many parties.  All my kids crowd into this room for good food, conversation and game playing.  During the week, the table gets piled with folded laundry, unread mail and papers galore.  The weekends, it's cleaned and ready for guests.
I have a big, old house that will be 100 years old in 2015.  It's sometimes a burden to keep up, but I and my family love it.

Hey! It's Friday!!! Enjoy!!!

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