Thursday, September 4, 2014

LSNED for Day 2 and 3

I'm catching up!
Day 2 - Someone you admire.  Hands down, it's my Mom and then my Granddaughter, Kayla.  My Mom, because she is just plain awesome.  She's nice. To everyone.  People love her.  She brightens the day of those around her and anyone she meets.  My Mom is dynamite.  She runs rings around all of us with her unending energy.  My Mom is super forgiving and she is always here for me.  I think it's her friendliness and niceness that I admire most.  She helps everyone, not just family members.  She's a person to strive to be like.

Next is Kayla.  This little lady has overcome alot. She lives her life fully and with such zest.  I'm her personal cheerleader.  Go K!

Day 3 - Moving forward.  The next steps in my life will be moving forward toward a healthier lifestyle, e.g., exercise and eating sensibly.  Next is homeschooling with Kayla.  This is a big step, but I think we are both looking forward to it.

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