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14 of the Scariest Horror Films (according to my family)

14 of the Scariest Horror Films – (according to my Family)

My family enjoys scary movies, in fact, the scarier the better.  I always joke that my children were weaned on horror flicks, BUT I always followed a viewing of the original Dracula or Frankenstein or Wolfman, with a comedy.  That worked, and there were no ill effects as after 30 – 60 minutes of laughter, the terror they may have felt while watching a classic horror film was soon forgotten. 

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Chiller Theater and stayed up every weekend to watch this iconic show.  Sadly for my sister (who had gone to bed at a normal time as she was not a fan) I would stand at the bottom of the stairs and call her name until she came down and walked me up to our room. What a weenie.  But I did it again next week and she would, again, come down and walk me up.

With Halloween fast approaching, I got to wondering what family members would say was the ultimate scare flick for them.  Upon texting the question, the answers came pouring in immediately with The Exorcist being the clear winner.  Here are the movies chosen (listed in the order of votes, though you will note, some voters nominated more than one flick as the scariest):

1.            the exorcist  (Kayla , Amanda, Jayme, tina, deborah)
2.            The original frankenstein (my Mom, Kenneth)  I remember the first time I saw this though I am not sure how old I was 9, 10?  My Mom stayed up with me, but as soon as Frankenstein came out of the shadows, it was bed for me!
3.            The conjuring (Kayla and myself)I chose this one because for me, it was downright scary.  I think I jumped more and screamed more at this one than any other.  Except for the time I was watching Insidious with the family.  At one point I let out a scream that lasted quite a while. Didn’t realize it was me until the kids started laughing.
4.           halloween  (mom)
5.           Rob zombie’s version of Halloween (Amanda)
6.           saw (jade)
7.           The grudge (kayla).  Elliot and I can make the sound of the grudge.   Well, he doesn’t realize that’s the sound having never watched it.  However, he can and we save it for when K needs a good scare, though I don’t do it often because sometimes I scare myself.
8.           the leopard people (dad) This is a 1943 film.  It’s one of those films you see as a youngster and it just sticks with you. 
9.           jaws (mom) really?
10.         dawn of the dead (tina)
11.          Silence of the lambs (mom)
12.         war of the worlds (mom)
13.         salem’s lot (tina)
14.         Silent Hill (tina)

I extended the poll to co-workers and I must say hands-down the Exorcist was voted #1.  One co-worker chose The Omen and I have to say that was an excellent film.  My Mom and I first saw it together at what was once the Regent Square Theater.  Even though we sat in the very back row with our backs against the wall, I still found myself looking behind me.  That was one good, scary film.

So what is the scariest film YOU ever saw?

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