Thursday, October 23, 2014

Bedtime For Baby (Elliot's Nightly Routine)

With Kayla and Elliot now living here permanently, K and I have been re-working our routines so that each day flows more smoothly.  I love having them here.  It’s so good to have young ones around.  They keep me on my toes that’s for sure.  It’s funny when you really pay attention to the details of your day you realize how many routines you have that just fell into place.  

Elliot’s bedtime ritual is a perfect example of life just happening and before you know it, it’s routine.  His begins with dinner which for the most part, he eats heartily.  

Then it’s bath time. We spend a good portion of time there as he loves his bath. 

After being bathed and lotioned and powdered, I love putting him into soft, warm pajamas.  Elliot enjoys his books.  It’s so cool that he picks a book and brings it to either K or I.  We read to him.  

We play a little, and when he rubs his eyes, we know it’s time for a snack and snuggling and bed.

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