Thursday, October 9, 2014

My Personal Goals for October

Each month, since I feel there is so much I must want to do (and accomplish), I feel the need to make a list (to add to the multitude of other lists I have everywhere). Awww, who doesn’t like a list??  This month’s list touches on just a smattering of what I would like to finish or start. I know I will keep adding to it, I just hope I’ll be crossing off a few.  
  1. Finish Kayla’s crocheted poncho
  2. Buy yarn for the next crochet project (K asked for another poncho and I haven't even finished the first.  Oh, the faith of a young one. She’s already chosen the yarn, I went on a search for a different type pattern than the one I am using now and we both agreed on this one, found on the Lion Brand Yarns website.  
  3. Finish painting Kayla’s room, change her bedding and lay the new carpets.
  4. Read a Halloween themed book.  I so enjoy themed books and especially like the mysteries written by Leslie Meier.  I've downloaded from Barnes & Noble, Trick or Treat Murder for this month's read.
  5. With Kayla, plan the Halloween party/lunch menu.
  6. Send Halloween cards.
  7. Decorate the house for the witching hour.
  8. Winterize the front and back porch.
  9. Put together the album I plan to use for Ali Edwards' Week in the Life beginning on October 27, 2014.
So, that's my little goal list for October. Now to get to crossing off...

Have a Happy Day!


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