Friday, October 31, 2014


Every other Saturday I help my daughter out by watching her boys for a few hours.  When it’s “the boys’ weekend,” Kayla and I brainstorm on how to keep them entertained.  They are always up for a walk to the park, or a hike through the woods.  With the approaching holidays, I wanted to incorporate a few crafts (start a few new traditions??) to: 1) teach them about the seasons and the meaning behind the holidays, 2) make them feel apart of the whole process; 3) have something tangible that they themselves made to decorate their rooms with; and 4) the bonus reason – make a memory.

Upon browsing the internet for “fun things to do or make,” I found this fabulous leaf craft idea from Martha Stewart.  Although we did modify the original idea in that we had the boys find sticks to hang their leaves from and instead of beeswax, we mixed up one part glue with one part water to dip the leaves in and we hung the leaves with plain old string.  Basically, we used what we had on hand and the boys were very happy with the end results.

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