Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkin Picking!

Spent Saturday with the family at Schramm’s Farms & Orchards.  I enjoy when the families get together.  We have children of all ages so there is a playmate for everyone.  Even the big kids!  The day was COLD!  Dressed in jeans and heavy jackets, off the kiddies ventured into the fields, each excited, hunting for their own special pumpkin.  I loved the shouts when each found what “must” be the biggest they’d ever seen.  Contests of who could find the biggest or the tiniest or the roundest ensued.  A few of us, okay, mostly us elder kiddies looked for the smallest.  I wanted small, round pumpkins this year to adorn the mantel in the living room.  Kayla, ever on the lookout for the biggest, settled for an adorable round pumpkin on the smaller side as did, surprise! all of the kiddies. 

Jake and Brendan

Once the pumpkins were purchased, the families split up to go their own way.  We stopped at Dairy Queen for their $5.00 meal deal (can’t beat that) and then took Cammi and Jade home.  Elliot had been sick on the way out (poor little guy), he’s cutting top back teeth, so we didn’t make any of our other planned stops, instead drove home and took naps (we had gotten up EARLY to pick up Cammi and Jade by 8:30). 


Back at home after Mom left, K and I (with little E’s assistance) finally winterized the porches (it’s just been on my To-Do List for weeks!).  Now I can check that chore off!

My feeble attempts to get the gang all together for a photo

Pure silliness!

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