Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Things to do in October!

The other day I blogged a list of fun things to do the month of October.  As I have said a thousand times, "this IS my most favorite time of the year," and I want to enjoy each and every moment of it. Therefore, I took a good look at that initial list and realized there is so much more to do through October and well into November.  Plus, these next few months will be even more enjoyable now that Elliot is walking and communicating (in his way) and is totally awed by every new experience. Seeing October through his bright eyes will bring such joy.  

HERE is our much improved and more complete list (which we will surely add to...again) of fun things to do in October:

Crochet a sweater
Winterize the yard(s) and porch(es)
Take a walk in the woods
Gather colorful leaves to press and tape in a journal
Shop the Church’s biannual rummage sale
Visit the pumpkin farm - buy pumpkins and apples
Bake apple dumplings, pumpkin pies, apple bread, pumpkin muffins
Go on a haunted hayride; or tour a haunted house
Go to Zoo Boo
Host a Halloween party
Have a scary movie day – make popcorn, apple cider and ghostly treats
Buy mittens/gloves, matching scarf/hat – be prepared
Make batches of your favorite soup, one of mine is winter squash soup with gruyere croutons for cool nights
Carve pumpkins
Roast pumpkin seeds
Gather all the Halloween movies and books into a basket and set beside t.v. for family nights together.
Make taffy apples.
Go to a football game
Bake a fall casserole 

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