Monday, October 27, 2014


Friday evening was spent at Children’s Hospital for our little Elliot.  Arriving home after work, Kayla and I were going through our usual routine of making dinner while little E played, feeding him and then bathing him, we noticed that he was limping.  I am one to rush to the ER.  I take no chances, I may self-diagnose sometimes, but when it comes to a little one – no games!  We knew he had a touch of a stomach virus earlier in the week (he’s also cutting four more teeth), because he was out of sorts (not his exuberant, happy, loud self), but more quiet plus he threw up a few times. 

By the time we were in the ER, the limp became more pronounced.  Observation and a few x-rays later, we were told it was “Transient (Toxic) Synovitis”.  It appears that it is caused by a viral infection that sometimes settles in the hip joint.  It's mostly found to affect boys.  This can last up to four weeks and can transfer to the other hip joint.  Nothing much to be done, but Motrin to keep the swelling and pain at bay, and lots of rest.  You can read more about Transient (Toxic) Synovitis here.
Our Elliot, he is so beautiful, what a little trooper.  Despite the diagnosis, he is still playful, although quieter, but still a happy, lovable little man.  I will say he was quite taken with this round table/stool at the ER.  I am hoping to find something like it for his room.
Tickle Time

P.S. I am participating in Ali Edwards' WITL 2014.  I look forward to this project each time.  It helps to focus on what's real, what needs done and how life has changed. You can get tons of information about this project here

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