Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!

When I got home from the office (they let us leave early!), I donned my apron (actually, one of my treasured aprons that belonged to my Nana), handed K an apron, set Elliot up with a few pots and pans and a big wooden spoon and proceeded to begin the prep work of tomorrow’s meal.  Thanksgiving is just a few hours away! This holiday and Christmas are my faves.  Kayla helped tear the loaves of bread for stuffing.  I pared the potatoes and set them in a pot of water in the fridge.  We pulled at the Cuisinart (pretty much used only once a year), and chopped, diced and sliced.  We got the pie into the oven and soon the kitchen was smelling amazing!  All the while we soaked dishes, washed dishes, dirtied more dishes.  After the prep work was complete, and the kitchen was put back in place, each of us showered, bathed the little guy, climbed into our pajamas and settled down to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  We will start early tomorrow with the actual stuffing, cooking, mashing, eating. 

Hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving Eve.

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