Tuesday, March 24, 2015

On Losing Weight

Myself and two co-workers have a weight loss contest going on and on and on.  We’ve had to extend our deadline because none of us are losing any weight.  As the warmer weather approaches, I realize now is the time to shed these 25 extra pounds.  I am not a water drinker, at all, but I do realize the benefits in drinking water all-day-long.  I’m not big on exercise but there was a time when I walked anywhere from 1 to 4 miles or more a day.  And I felt good. And I looked good.  So, today, with you as my witness, I am going to shed 25 lbs.  My current weight is 170 and my desired weight is 145.  The scale I have now is big (BIG) and old and not digital. It’s been stepped on and dropped and kicked and lifted way too often over the years to be totally accurate (though I suspect it is).  However, a digital scale is on the shopping list for this weekend and I’m sure my Mom has a coupon for Bed Bath and Beyond.  I’m getting a glass of water right now.  Seriously, in a one minute, once I’ve finished typing this missile, this promise, this confession, this desire to LOSE the pounds.  Okay, I’m getting that first 16 oz. of water, NOW. Oh, and then I’ll take a before photo. And then I’ll post it.  Really…
So, I ducked into the Ladies room here at the office and took these most atrocious photos.  I realize that I am wearing an oversized poncho, but believe me, it's not that big!  

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