Friday, April 17, 2015


Today he is TWO! 2! II! My great grandbaby boy is 2.  How he has grown!! How his personality has developed!  How he bosses us around without saying much at all! 

Tomorrow, we will celebrate this milestone with family and friends.  Tonight we will light two candles on a chocolate cupcake, after dinner, sing to him and wonder that there was life before this little guy arrived in our lives.  We will laugh, cry and remember each tiny moment.

While Elliot does not say much, most times he doesn’t need to.  He is very good at getting his point across.  His baby talk is ADORABLE and we will miss it when he does become more fluent.  Currently, “Mama, Gigi, Piper (the dog next door), choo-choo, what’s that, what’s this, cool, no, more, thanks, and ball,” are a few of the words we hear most often.

Elliot likes music, sings “la, la, la,” and dances (or taps a toe if he’s sitting) to songs like Mark Ronson’s Uptown Funk, Pitbull/Ne Yo’s Time of Our Lives, and Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Up.”  Elliot likes being chased and hides under the covers when we play Fee Fi Fo Fum. 

Currently, his favorite shows to watch are pretty much anything on Sprout.  On Netflix, his choices are Mater’s Tall Tales, The Powerpuff Girls (thankfully he’s over PacMan); Chuggington, Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder.  As for movies, he has a fondness for Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, The Nut Job, Cars 1 and 2, and Mr. Peabody and Sherman.

Elliot LOVES being outside.  He likes walking the neighborhood and the little park at the top of the hill.  He likes buses and trucks and chases the squirrels.  When we park the car, he scrambles out of his car seat and into the front seat to “drive.” 

We take him to Barnes & Noble often to play with the Thomas the Trains.  He does have quite a collection building up and will be getting a Thomas the Train table next Christmas.

As for favorite foods, Elliot LOVES ketchup…and ranch dressing, French fries, chips and dip, cottage cheese, shredded cheese and eggs.  He likes to crack the eggs. A LOT.  So much so, that he helps make the scrambled eggs, bread, French toast or whatever recipe calls for a cracked egg.

While he does not have a security blanket, he does have security pillows.  Yea, don’t ask.  We have gone through quite a few Joe Boxer pillows, they get dragged everywhere and need washed often (til they fall apart). 

      This past year has been filled with a few firsts, including a weekend at Castaway Bay, his first bus ride, and his first haircut.

      What an honor and a privilege it has been to share in this little man’s life.  I look forward to another year of watching this little man grow.

You are so loveable, adorable, the sweetest!

Happy Birthday Elliot!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Taking the Day Off

Yesterday, I took a personal day.  It's been super busy at the office (not complaining, that's job security), but I felt I just needed a day to re-energize.  And that's what I did.  First off, it was one of the best days to play hooky.  The skies were BLUE and the sun was shining.  The temps were in the 70's at one point.  K and I decided to spring clean the living room.  We propped open the front screen door so Elliot could play in the yard while we got down to business.  We opened the window (washed it, too), scrubbed the carpet, dusted, swept cobwebs out of corners, laundered chair/couch/pillow covers, washed down the door, the handles, around the light switch, and sorted through Elliot's toys.  It was a job well done!  I think I took before photos with the iphone, which is currently at home.  I did remember to snap a few this morning before I left for the office.  

Also included here are photos of Elliot playing in the front yard. He had such a good time; was dirty from top to bottom!  

My favorite photos of the day are these of Elliot trying to fit oversize balls in the basketball hoop.

Look at the beautiful, happy, dirty little face!
Oh, we did a little yard work but are hoping for good weather this weekend to really dig in.  Later in the evening rainstorms, complete with thunder and lightning, moved through the area.
She still loves running in the rain.
After a long day of play.
Next up on the spring cleaning list (besides the front porch/yard): the dining room and front hall.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Planning Elliot's 2nd Birthday Party

We are in the midst of planning Elliot’s second birthday party.  Kayla and I have
bounced around a few ideas about Elliot’s second birthday party.  First she was going to bake a cake and we were going to order sandwich trays.  Now that the guest list is around 35 (and that’s just 3 friends and the remainder is family!!!), we have decided on buying a cake and making the food.  My Mom suggested a pizza bar.  I don’t think Kayla is too keen on that idea, but with so many younger children, pizza may be the way to go or hot dogs.  For the more mature, ahem, I am going to make this super duper recipe, Creamy Potato Soup served with a good crusty bread, creamy butter, and a salad chock full of good stuff, i.e., cranberries, raisins, almonds, buttery croutons – heck, it will be a meal in itself!

The party plates, cups, napkins, tablecloth, streamers and other décor were ordered on-line (since received) from Party City a month ago.  Our theme is Thomas the Train.  Left to purchase is the Thomas the Train piñata.

The menu needs finalized.  I think we should go with hot dogs and mac n’ cheese for the little ones.  That would be Elliot’s pick.

The invitations are written, addressed, stamped and ready for the post.  They are being sent out today.

This weekend, weather permitting, we will be raking the front yard and getting the front porch ready for entertaining.  It’s currently raining here.

And of course, the house needs a good cleaning, as always.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Elliot's Top Favorite Toys (Currently)

Elliot will be 2 years old on April 17th.  He is totally awesome and such a joy!!!  Elliot has a few “favorite” toys he plays with consistently.  One is a dump truck that he himself chose at The Goodwill last summer.  Here he is giving it a good washing.  

His Thomas the Train trains are another favorite as is Mack the Truck (from the Disney movie, Cars).  

On a recent shopping trip, he chose a truck/car trailer and I find that when he chooses the toy, he plays with it more often.  

It’s cute/funny to watch him try to carry all the cars plus the truck (no, he does not let us put the cars in the trailer to make it easier and he insists on carrying them), plus his pillow. It’s not fun when we have to carry the truck, all the cars, Elliot and his pillow. 

While I would choose for him to say a few more words so I can understand exactly what he wants, I would also choose that he stay this age just a little bit longer.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April's Goals

My goal list for this month is not too extensive as I have habits in the making, a 2 year old's party to plan and host, a house to spring clean and taxes to file.

1.  I am absolutely going to lose 5 lbs this month, and I am going to log 30 miles walked (hey, it’s a start);

2.  I am absolutely going to finish crocheting that poncho;

3.   and not only am I going to start a new book, but I’m going to finish it too…all in the same month; 

4.  I am going to complete the Mother's Day project I have been planning since Valentine's Day; and

5.  OH! and I am going to file my taxes on time (or at the very least, just file them as opposed to last year but that’s a different story).  I AM!

Monday, April 6, 2015

The Weekend Review

What a fabulous weekend! I haven't any photos uploaded as K has gone through yet another iphone and I left mine with her for the day.
I went to the Doc's on Thursday for my shoulder and discovered that I have been taking the wrong synthroid dosage. Grrrr! I know I should have questioned it when the dosage went from 200 down to 50, but trusting soul, I am.  Anyhoo, now that that's back on track....
Mom and I shopped that evening for our Easter dinners.  Our menu this year was simple as there was only four of us sitting down for dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, buttered peas, crescent rolls and deviled eggs.  All good.
Friday, we went to the Dollar Store and dropped K off in Oakland for a "coffee date."  She was excited and the date went well.  Oh, my little girl is growing up so fast.
Saturday, I picked up Cammi and Jade (Joey's girls) and took them, along with my Mom, K and Elliot, to the Pittsburgh Mills.  Cammi's birthday was Friday and she was picking her own presents. Armed with the Macy's charge and coupons, she bought two pair of leggings, 2 pair jeans, 2 shirts and boots.  The loot came to a whopping $90.00.  She did me proud and she was ecstatic to boot.
Elliot had his first salon haircut.  (Pictures to come) That was an experience! But he can see now.
Back home, the Jade helped put together the Easter baskets and then hid them. We dyed eggs, and celebrated Cammi's birthday.
Sunday, Amanda and her brood came in early and we all went to Church together.  We parted there and went home to make Easter dinner.  Later in the afternoon, I drove K and Elliot out to Elliot's Dad's house where they have dinner... again.
The sky was blue, sun shone, the breeze was cool.  Each day was a perfect day!!!

Friday, April 3, 2015

It's Official! She's a Teen.

She was just born yesterday.  And today, she’s a teen.  WOW! Happy Birthday to my granddaughter, Cammi.  

Tomorrow K and I will pick Cammi and Jade (little sister) up, head off to the Pittsburgh Mills, where Cammi will choose a few new outfits (the gifts) and then we will head on home to dye Easter eggs and eat birthday cake.  BUT, today, I am headed to the Apple phone with fingers crossed that K’s iphone can be fixed.  Grrrrrr, that child!  Then to the Dollar Store to pick up a few odds and ends for Easter baskets.  I have a ton of house and laundry chores to check off my list and the Mister could be stopping by later.  I’m lucky to have this day off and I intend to make every minute count!

"Our Lord has written the promise of the resurrection, not in books alone but in every leaf in springtime." ~ Martin Luther

Thursday, April 2, 2015


Spring has sprung! The sun is shining, the skies are blue, the flowers are blooming, the grass is sprouting. What a most joyous time of year!  Here is what is on our April "Things to do List."

 1.                 Spring clean your home, your car, your life.
2.                 Open the windows!!!
3.                 Color eggs
4.                 Celebrate Easter
5.                 Rejoice!
6.                 The snow is gone! Go for a walk.
7.                 Fly a kite.
8.                 National Library Week is April 12-18. Visit a library; read a book. 
9.                 Celebrate Earth Day – recycle something! (April 22)
10.            Celebrate Arbor Day, plant seedlings (April 24).