Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April's Goals

My goal list for this month is not too extensive as I have habits in the making, a 2 year old's party to plan and host, a house to spring clean and taxes to file.

1.  I am absolutely going to lose 5 lbs this month, and I am going to log 30 miles walked (hey, it’s a start);

2.  I am absolutely going to finish crocheting that poncho;

3.   and not only am I going to start a new book, but I’m going to finish it too…all in the same month; 

4.  I am going to complete the Mother's Day project I have been planning since Valentine's Day; and

5.  OH! and I am going to file my taxes on time (or at the very least, just file them as opposed to last year but that’s a different story).  I AM!

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