Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Elliot's Top Favorite Toys (Currently)

Elliot will be 2 years old on April 17th.  He is totally awesome and such a joy!!!  Elliot has a few “favorite” toys he plays with consistently.  One is a dump truck that he himself chose at The Goodwill last summer.  Here he is giving it a good washing.  

His Thomas the Train trains are another favorite as is Mack the Truck (from the Disney movie, Cars).  

On a recent shopping trip, he chose a truck/car trailer and I find that when he chooses the toy, he plays with it more often.  

It’s cute/funny to watch him try to carry all the cars plus the truck (no, he does not let us put the cars in the trailer to make it easier and he insists on carrying them), plus his pillow. It’s not fun when we have to carry the truck, all the cars, Elliot and his pillow. 

While I would choose for him to say a few more words so I can understand exactly what he wants, I would also choose that he stay this age just a little bit longer.

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