Friday, April 10, 2015

Taking the Day Off

Yesterday, I took a personal day.  It's been super busy at the office (not complaining, that's job security), but I felt I just needed a day to re-energize.  And that's what I did.  First off, it was one of the best days to play hooky.  The skies were BLUE and the sun was shining.  The temps were in the 70's at one point.  K and I decided to spring clean the living room.  We propped open the front screen door so Elliot could play in the yard while we got down to business.  We opened the window (washed it, too), scrubbed the carpet, dusted, swept cobwebs out of corners, laundered chair/couch/pillow covers, washed down the door, the handles, around the light switch, and sorted through Elliot's toys.  It was a job well done!  I think I took before photos with the iphone, which is currently at home.  I did remember to snap a few this morning before I left for the office.  

Also included here are photos of Elliot playing in the front yard. He had such a good time; was dirty from top to bottom!  

My favorite photos of the day are these of Elliot trying to fit oversize balls in the basketball hoop.

Look at the beautiful, happy, dirty little face!
Oh, we did a little yard work but are hoping for good weather this weekend to really dig in.  Later in the evening rainstorms, complete with thunder and lightning, moved through the area.
She still loves running in the rain.
After a long day of play.
Next up on the spring cleaning list (besides the front porch/yard): the dining room and front hall.

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