Monday, April 6, 2015

The Weekend Review

What a fabulous weekend! I haven't any photos uploaded as K has gone through yet another iphone and I left mine with her for the day.
I went to the Doc's on Thursday for my shoulder and discovered that I have been taking the wrong synthroid dosage. Grrrr! I know I should have questioned it when the dosage went from 200 down to 50, but trusting soul, I am.  Anyhoo, now that that's back on track....
Mom and I shopped that evening for our Easter dinners.  Our menu this year was simple as there was only four of us sitting down for dinner. Ham, scalloped potatoes, buttered peas, crescent rolls and deviled eggs.  All good.
Friday, we went to the Dollar Store and dropped K off in Oakland for a "coffee date."  She was excited and the date went well.  Oh, my little girl is growing up so fast.
Saturday, I picked up Cammi and Jade (Joey's girls) and took them, along with my Mom, K and Elliot, to the Pittsburgh Mills.  Cammi's birthday was Friday and she was picking her own presents. Armed with the Macy's charge and coupons, she bought two pair of leggings, 2 pair jeans, 2 shirts and boots.  The loot came to a whopping $90.00.  She did me proud and she was ecstatic to boot.
Elliot had his first salon haircut.  (Pictures to come) That was an experience! But he can see now.
Back home, the Jade helped put together the Easter baskets and then hid them. We dyed eggs, and celebrated Cammi's birthday.
Sunday, Amanda and her brood came in early and we all went to Church together.  We parted there and went home to make Easter dinner.  Later in the afternoon, I drove K and Elliot out to Elliot's Dad's house where they have dinner... again.
The sky was blue, sun shone, the breeze was cool.  Each day was a perfect day!!!

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