Thursday, August 13, 2015


  •  Project Runway tonight!
    E waiting for a real train to come by.
    Something we do often!
  • Turtle Creek, Pa's Fire Department's Fair.
  • A low key weekend (joke). Seriously, Kayla and Doug are going white water rafting for the weekend.  Soooooo, it will be just me and E and periodically my Mom. Should be low key.
  • Preparing my album for WITL.  Hooray!
  • Setting up the dining room again.  Kids move back home.  Kids move back out.  Rooms get changed, too often.
  • Picking up K's contacts.
  • Stocking up on paper products at Sam's Club.
  • Laundry and cleaning cellar.
  • Yard work
Anything special YOU are looking forward to this weekend? 

 Peace and happiness!


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