Thursday, August 27, 2015

Looking Forward To . . .

. . . Learning Something New Every Day in September!

Having participated in Shimelle’s Learn Something NewEveryday project since 2006, it is now a tradition to “learn something new” each day in September.  Once again this year I will be keeping a notebook with me to jot down a few things, of course, the date and then the weather, and then anything that happens out of the ordinary (and not so ordinary).  
I’m super excited this year as Elliot is now 28 mos. and he is teaching us something new every day!  Take yesterday for instance.  He re-enacted his own version of the Harold and the Purple Crayon book.  There was Elliot and the Red Crayon in the kitchen.  Elliot and the Blue Crayon all over the flat screen t.v. and Elliot and the Green Crayon on mirror.  He was EVERYWHERE!  Did we scream and cry? No, we had a good laugh.  But not until after we told him that drawing on anything other than the paper and especially the TV is not such a good thing.  Then we wiped all the crayoned areas off and put away the crayons.  We'll just color with the Thomas the Train app for now.

C'est la vie! 
What will YOU learn in September??

Peace and happiness!

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