Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Now for the To-Do List

Last week I talked about my Master To-Do List.  The Grandmaster of them all!  On that list, I have put EVERYTHING I would like to get done.  It includes major projects, like wall-to-wall carpet in most of the rooms, paint jobs, explore if there really are pocket doors between the living room/dining room wall, just all sorts of things.
This week, I thought we could talk about the Daily To-Do List.  I have two.  The first one is crafted based on the fabulous cleaning lists found at The Flylady.  I “discovered” her site years ago and am thankful I did.  I’ve assigned a room to each day of the week.  For instance, Monday we clean the living room, Tuesday, the bathrooms, Wednesday is for the bedrooms, Thursday, because the trash needs to go out the next morning, is for the Kitchen, Friday is the Dining Room, Saturday is for the Entry and Laundry and Sunday is for seasonal outside work, i.e., hose porches, cut grass in summer, shovel walks in winter.
These lists are printed out in bulk and kept in a folder.  The corresponding day’s list is hung on a kitchen cabinet for all to see.  I only ask that one thing be done before I get home from the office.  Check it off and we will deal with the rest in the evening.
Sample List:
Monday’s To Do List
Living Room

Date ______________

Dust furniture
Clean windows
Clean mirrors
Dust knick knacks, picture frames
Organize bookshelf
Declutter magazine rack
Launder cushion covers
Wipe fingerprints
Pick up shoes, dishes, toys, or other rooms into a basket for depositing into other rooms
Gather garbage

I like this method of cleaning as something is getting done everyday and there’s more “weekend” in the weekend.
Now, the second list, is for tasks that I’ve put on the Master To Do List.  Like, rearranging furniture, fixing something, purchasing a blanket, setting up a home office, etc.  I limit the number of items moved to this list to 2 or 3.  As I cross one off, I will add another.
And that’s it! It all fulfills my love of lists and we get stuff done, too.
What about you? What's your modus operandi for getting housework/lifework done?

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