Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Our Urban Garden

I have always wanted a garden.  
The problem is I can barely keep a houseplant alive.  Except for Emma. Emma is a houseplant named for and saved from my Gram's funeral. She's beautiful and thriving.  She's the only one. Currently.
The Backyard. 
I actually have a decent sized backyard so I do have the capabilities to grow a garden – flower or veggie.  My neighbor has both and grows both very well.  My yard is wild with overgrowth that I attempt to cut back, oh, maybe thrice a summer season.  The ivy really runs rampant and I am forever having to pull it off the back of my house.  Yes, I would love to let it go and cover the house like an English cottage, however, the insurance companies have no sense of quaint and will cite the ivy as a reason to terminate your homeowner’s policy if it’s growing up the outside walls of your house.  It’s true . . .  Allstate. . . Farmer's. . .

Enter Son.
My eldest son, Joey, like my other two children and my Mom, have the greenest of thumbs.  He dug up a corner of the yard, then lined the plot with cinderblocks (he took a lot of ribbing from his friends for that), and wire, bought starter plants and WAALAH, we have a garden and although we got start a late start and it RAINED here SO MUCH, our garden is producing. Hooray!!  Thank you Eldest Son!

It's  Family Affair.
Now that the rains have gone away and the days are hot and sunny, watering the gardening in the evening has become a highlight of our days.  Maybe because the plants aren't the only things being watered???

Next Up.

My next adventure: container gardening. I've always dreamt of cute little pots lining my windowsills growing sweet smelling herbs, little cherry tomatoes and butter lettuce. The back of my house has wide windowsills and gets the morning and afternoon sun. On my list of what to get: pots, potting soil and seeds.  This weekend, Elliot and are going shopping!

What about you? How does your garden grow?

 Peace and happiness!

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