Friday, September 11, 2015

LSNED: What I've learned so far. Part 1.

My last post was August 27th.  I was looking forward to "learning something new every day."  Here is a brief rundown of what I've learned to date:

1. Pillows are not always safe.

Bad pillows! Bad!
Elliot was playing on these pillows, rolled down and landed on his elbow.  He cried, his arm just hung there, he couldn't move his fingers, off to the ER we dashed.  

Our Sweet Little Elliot
The x-rays showed no break or fracture, so the diagnosis was a bad sprain and they cast the arm for safety sake.
Quite a few meds later, sleeping peacefully
2. The cast doesn't keep a good guy down.

Elliot's Great, Great Grandpap sent him a Polar Express train set.  He has spent hours playing.
He carried his train case to his check up appointment.
He helped his Great, Great Nan push the shopping cart.
He has fallen, gotten the cast wet, got it dirty.  He is a trooper.  I love this little guy.

So there you have it.  Rolling off a pillow is not always safe and a boo boo won't hold you back.

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