Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Our Summer Bucket List - How'd We Do??

This is our Summer Bucket List.  I shared this list on June 4, 2015.  
Summer Bucket List 2015

      Go on a road trip – Day out with Thomas 
      Have a picnic August 22
      Make smores
      Go to a festival – three rivers 
      Go to the farmer’s market – Thursdays 
      Plant a vegetable garden; eat what grows 
      Go to the drive-in 
      Visit the museum (on a rainy day) 
      Visit the zoo (on a sunny day) 
      Watch fireworks (on the 4th
      Hike a trail in the woods 
      Go to an amusement park 
      Go miniature golfing
      Go to a baseball game
Take a cruise on the Good Ship Lollipop

1.         Since then, we have gone on a road trip to spend a Day Out with Thomas. 
2.         We joined family members at Crooked Creek State Park for a picnic lunch, Frisbee playing and swimming. 
3.         I visited the Three Rivers Festival, and
4.         shopped for fresh grown veggies, hummus, baked breads and cheeses from the Farmer’s Market held every Thursday in Market Square. 
5.         We planted a garden and have eaten the ripe, red tomatoes.  Our banana pepper plant only yielded one banana pepper but the hot pepper plants did very well.  (I gave those peppers to my son).  This year we learned, next year we will plant the tomato plants further apart and grow beans and green peppers. 
6.         We’ve been to the drive-in numerous times.  I’ll tell you, sitting out in the open under a sky of stars, the moon shining brightly, there’s nothing like it.  I have loved going to the drive-in this summer.  I even don’t mind the long drive. 
7.         While we didn’t visit the museum on a rainy day, we still visited and
8.         we’ve been to the zoo more than once. 
9.         Kayla and I and the boys went for a hike in Frick Park. 
10.       My firm’s annual picnic was again at Kennywood Amusement Park.  Elliot was fabulous and loved it all. 
11.       Miniature golfing - more than once.  

So the no-goes were the fireworks (the car battery died that day), smores (Autumn will be a better time for those), ball game, and the Good Ship Lollipop.

We accomplished 11 out of 15.  Not too shabby.  Now for Autumn . . . 

Did you keep a Summer Bucket List?  How did you do???

Peace and Happiness!

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