Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Pumpkin Farm in Pictures (and a few words)

We took Elliot to Schramm Farms & Orchards on Saturday.  The weather was glorious, the sky so blue, the sun shining brightly.  It has been a tradition in our family to visit this pumpkin farm since my own were little and now we carry on the tradition with a great grandson.  Here is Elliot's visit, which he totally loved.
Hiding in the corn maze
Riding horses (which he did twice)
Jumping off haystacks
Picking pumpkins
Going for a hayride
"Driving" the tractor
After the pumpkin farm visit, we needed to stop at the grocery store.  This Shop n' Save is a bit of a drive, but it might be worth the trip as it had children sized shopping carts.  Usually, grocery shopping with Elliot is a real task as he doesn't want to sit in the cart, wants to run all over and loads the cart with items we do not need.  Here, with his own cart, shopping was a breeze and, actually fun.


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