Monday, October 3, 2016

This Past Weekend

Once again, I took no photos.  I am so bad about taking photos. However, and except for the fact that the three of us are still battling this virus, we did have a good weekend.  
We were going to go to the UPMC clinic on Friday night, but K and E were feeling better, so we postponed that visit until the next morning.  On Friday, we ate at Burgatory - mmmm, those shakes! We bought Elliot's Halloween costume at Spirit Halloween. At the beginning of the year, he said he was going to be a ghost and then he switched to the Gekko of P.J. Masks.  We bought Catboy of P.J. Masks.  He looks so cute in the costume. We stopped at Target to buy Elliot a few outfits to fit the weather - long pants, long sleeved shirts.  And another train.  That child loves trains.  Then home, to catch up on shows we missed during the week.

Saturday, our first stop was the UPMC clinic where I paid $20 to be told what I already knew.  That is so frustrating.  Afterward, Elliot played at the Eagle's Nest while K and I shopped.  We had to hit the Family Dollar before heading on home.  It was a lovely, lazy afternoon (evening, too).
Sunday, Elliot was to visit his Dad, Grandma P and Pop Pop.  On our drive there, he tossed his cookies. We turned around and went back home.  No outings for us just yet.  This change of seasons head-colds we came down with are lingerers.  Not a good thing.  Besides all that, we had a really good weekend.
How was yours?

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