Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Time is flying!  We are hosting a gender reveal party this weekend.  Preparing for Thanksgiving dinner next week and birthday and Christmas parties galore.  What a most festive and busy time of the year!!!
On to the Countdown.  We are now in week 3, here is what we need to do this week:
1. Continue shopping for gifts;
2. Update Christmas card list;
3. Purchase or order Christmas cards.  Or make them!
4. Make and freeze a batch of baked goods (unfrosted cookies, bars, quick breads);
5. Start collecting boxes and gift bags to use for gift wrapping, or buy a roll of brown mailing paper from the Dollar Store.  Gather paints, stickers, ribbon, trim and create your own gift wrap.
6. Start wrapping gifts as they are bought.
7. Finalize Thanksgiving dinner menu and entertainment plan.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Countdown to Christmas, Week 2

Week 2 has officially begun.  This is what I plan to do this week: 

1)                  Continue shopping for gifts.  Kayla and I have added a few more items to our shopping list that we plan to buy next payday.  Our list is getting shorter!!
2)                 Begin buying nonperishable items for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners. Thanksgiving will be the normal fare.  This Christmas we are changing up.  Kay and I will be baking the ham and everyone else will be providing a dish.  I am really looking forward to that dinner.
3)                 Decide what table settings and linens to use for each holiday dinner.  We will be pulling out the good china for Thanksgiving.  And of course, a centerpiece.  Sometimes I’ll indulge in a new tablecloth (Burlington’s has great prices on tablecloths!)  And candles.  Yankee Candle just sent a coupon and a brochure of their new fall scents.
4)                 We are stocking up on Holiday themed paper products, i.e., plates, cups, eating utensils, place mats.  There is nothing like a prettily set table using china and linens for the main dinners.  Holiday themed paper products are fun for potluck and impromptu get togethers.
5)                 Decorate for Thanksgiving.  I have to find my little pilgrim figurines.  The Dollar Tree had some very cute honeycomb decorations.  I picked up a turkey for the hall table.
6)                 Buy crafting supplies.  Elliot will be creating works of art to give as gifts this year.  We need a new supply of paints and brushes.  I am trying to whip up a few crochet items and Kayla is working on a baby blanket.
This is how our week is looking so far.  How are your Holiday preparations coming along?

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Countdown to Christmas, Week 1

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!! 
This week I began my Christmas countdown.  I’ve counted down Christmas for what seems like forever.  I start by purchasing a new journal for writing all my holiday lists and to-dos.  This so gets me in the mood for celebrating and making the most of the holiday season.
On my Holiday To-Do List for Week 1: 
1) Set budget for gift giving; 
2) Write out gift list (confirm sizes, colors, etc.); 
3) Work on Thanksgiving Day guest list
4) Work on Thanksgiving Day menu; 
5) Create Holiday Calendar – mark special dates; 
6) Begin shopping; and
7) Browse catalogs for gifts, begin ordering.
Kayla and I have been working on lists of gifts and budgets.  With the exception of new p.j.’s, stocking stuffers and a few outfits, Elliot is pretty much done.  Earlier this week, we took Elliot to a toy store and told him that he could pick a few toys that he would like Santa to bring.  Then we took the toys to the back of the store and Santa’s “helpers” [lay-a-way} would make a list and send it to Santa.  Worked perfectly.  We are also able to check BB and JJ off the list.  I picked up Dylan’s gift this morning.  Grilled the older boys this past weekend for what type gift cards they wanted (GameStop and Playstation).

As for our Thanksgiving plan, only my eldest son is coming for dinner.  K will most likely go to Doug’s house later in the day.  I’m thinking of just roasting a turkey breast instead of a whole turkey.  We are more into the sides anyway.

We are so incredibly busy this year, there is definitely not enough hours in our days.  There are gifts to be made and parties to attend (and host), and decorating and so, so much more.  This IS the best time of my year.  

Have you begun counting down to Christmas??  

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Wow! It's November...already!  
Now with Halloween behind us, it's time to focus on the next holiday and ultimately, Christmas. Elliot was Catboy for the holiday. We took him to Zoo Boo for trick or treating and Sunday we hosted our annual Halloween party.  Kayla and Amanda did a fabulous job making the treats (red devil cupcakes with "brain" frosting, chocolate witches' fingers, witches hats).  Kayla also outdid herself with her costume, decorations and the prizes.  She found this fabulous candelabra idea somewhere on the 'net' made of tissue rolls and tea lights (battery operated). I apologize for not having asked Kayla for the link before posting, but will update this post.
Thank you, Kayla, for making the Halloween party one huge success!
This month, we will celebrate at least 4 birthdays, host a gender reveal baby shower, and celebrate Thanksgiving.
AND we will be grateful for all that we have.
AND we will begin out countdown to Christmas!!!! 
So much to do.  I LOVE this time of year.
Happy November to you!