Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Setting the Tone for the New Year

It is important this month to carefully think about how you want to spend January.  What you do this month will set the tone for the rest of the year. 

We want to get off to a good start on this New Year.  We do not want to waste a second of it, therefore we’ve chosen for our main goal this month to “spring clean’ the house, room by room and get organized.  There is so much we want to accomplish this year and by setting and beginning the new year on a positive note, we are sure to succeed. 

This week we will be working in the kitchen and upper hallway. Clean along if you so desire.

In the Kitchen:
1.      Gather any Christmas decorations and store in a temporary box until all is collected and ready for storage.
2.      Declutter area
3.      Clean counter tops.
4.      Clean microwave inside and out
5.      Wipe down cabinets and hardware
6.      Clean outside of appliances
7.      Clean inside of refrigerator
8.      Clean stove, wash removable burners in warm, sudsy water, dry
9.      Bleach sink (if it’s porcelain like mine), rinse well and dry
10.   Dust baseboards
11.   Wipe fingerprints from switchplate and doorjambs
12.   Launder curtains and replace
13.   Sweep and mop floor
14.   Gather trash

We have an upper hallway that connects the downstairs, with openings to the second floor bathroom, bedrooms, kitchen and stairs to the third floor.  It’s a tiny area but still manages to collect dirty laundry, cat toys, shoes, and crumpled paper.

In the Hallway:
1.    Declutter area
2.    Dust cobwebs, ceiling and baseboard
3.    Vacuum carpet
4.    Mop floor

We will spend the remainder of this week, keeping these two areas clean.  Fingers crossed.

To New Beginnings!


Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday Shout-Outs!

Welcome January and welcome to a New Year!        

Amelia, one year ago today
Last year at this time, we welcomed Amelia to our family.  Amelia arrived about two weeks early and was a tiny little bundle.  She's still tiny, but what a whirlwind of energy.  She has been walking for the past 3 months - no kidding, climbs up and down steps, climbs on everything.  She also likes to eat tiny papers, tiny toys, coins and any food dropped by Elliot, off the floor.  We spend too much time chasing her around the house and this little one is fast!  However, Amelia, you have brought such joy to our lives.

Happy Birthday Amelia!  

You are SO LOVED.

My sister was called to a higher plateau in June of 2010.  She is so missed.  Today is also Cathy's birthday.  It was too soon, there was still so much more for us to do, to share. We were close; we were friends.  I think of her every single day.  I miss her every single day.  Yes, you are here in my heart, but I'd rather you be here by my side.  

Happy Birthday Cathy!

You are SO LOVED.

Cathy, December 2008
July 4, 2009
Christmas 2006