Thursday, July 26, 2018


I recently read a very good article titled: “2 Years From Now, If You Don’t Have A Personal Brand, Nobody Is Going To Work With You”.  Written by Nicolas Cole.  You can find the article here
The Great Grandkiddies -
trying out a new playground
I really enjoyed the article and can totally relate to so much of what Nicolas says, especially about looking people up online.  I’ve been known to enter the names of my children’s dates on the criminal website (shhhh, don’t tell). And yes, one of my middle child’s date’s sister was there.  Anyway, this article got me wondering what my personal brand might be.  I’m not selling anything, I do not do public speaking, and the few times I’ve tried Instagram Story the sound hasn’t worked so you are just watching me mime, and then you are checking YOUR sound to make sure YOUR iphone / ipad / whatever, is working.  It’s just a fail.  I deleted those stories.  Right away. 
I googled (yes, yes, I did) “how do I find my personal brand”.  Wow!  There are TONS of articles on this subject.  My googling sent me to The Muse and this article, and then this (btw I am the MAVEN) and then to a cheat sheet for dummies (seriously?!) and tons of other articles.  So many so that I got bored.  Bored, boring – I guess those could be a brand?  “Gets Bored Easily” or “I Am Boring”, er, maybe, sometimes. 

Anyway, after reading quite a few articles on personal branding, answering questions and taking quizzes, here is what I know:
1.   As far as work is concerned (I am a legal assistant), I love what I do.  And I could do it anywhere (though the firm I am with now and have been for over 17 years is first rate). Give me a brief, a complaint, an answer, your hard to read handwritten notes, pages of gibberish, epitomes of drivel, and I am in typing heaven. 
2.   I am passionate about my grand and great grand-babies.  They keep me grounded, young, motivated.
3.    I have a ton of great ideas but not necessarily the income or time to fulfill each of them (but I’m working on it).
4.    I have a good sense of humor (K would say warped), but I still think we would make for a funny reality show.  Though this month it would be more of a tearjerker (somewhere here there is a gas leak – it’s been turned off, but while we wait for a fix, we have no hot water, dryer or heat (good thing its summer).  And now the cable box apparently blew itself out.  Our kitten ran away (WHY PICKLES???) and the turn signal switch in the car stopped working (only for the right turn).  Luckily, its only one right and three lefts to and from the busway.
5.   When faced with a difficult situation (like … see paragraph 4 above), I need very little pity me time, and then I get angry or throw a temper tantrum, or break up with a great guy or just reconcile to make the very best of it.  Yes, I do have temper tantrums.  You can ask my kids.
6.   I can crochet, I love to read, learn new things, play on my I-pad, Instagram, make lists, and binge watch Netflix
7.   I love my life, my every day and mostly, I love spending time with my great and grand grand-babies and to create fun memories for them. Why, just this past month we have been visiting new-to-us playgrounds in our surrounding neighborhood.  (There are tons I didn’t know about).
After all this self-reflection, what's the grand takeaway:  I can type.  So, if you have pages of handwritten notes that need typed up – please see me.

Sunshine and happiness,

Friday, July 13, 2018

Am loving . . .

… these lined Post-It Notes.  Perfect for my every day to do list! When the day is over, I stick it to the same date page in my planner for easy reference.  

I also use these handy dandy Post-Its at the office.  They are perfect for keeping track of the numerous projects being worked on by the five professionals I am responsible for.

And don’t forget vacations!  Excellent for each travelers’ packing list.  We have five in-progress lists in preparation for our August trip.

3M Post-It Notes makes it So Easy to keep it all together!  I also love the Super Sticky Post-its, too.

How about you?  What’s your favorite go-to for every day organization?

Peace and Happiness,


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Thursday, July 12, 2018


Crooked Creek, August 22, 2015
Happy Birthday to my sweet Amanda.  I know it's been a rough year, but I want you to know how proud I am of you.  YOU ARE DOING IT!!!!

Have a fabulous day and know that we LOVE YOU!

Sunday, we take another photo of you at this same beach.  Looking forward to it!!!

P.S.  Start taking selfies - it was not easy finding a photo of you by yourself.



Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Kayla and I have begun our own little coffee klatsch wherein we drive out to the Mall, drop E off at Giggles and Smiles, then head on over to B&N to enjoy our favorite brew, and peruse a handful of current magazines for ideas and inspiration.  We love this time together.  We pour over each magazine, pointing out new color combos, decor themes, the latest in fabric, and textures.  We discuss what room to paint next, what colors, what we need.  We oooh and ahhh over such inspiration, such creativity.  We dream.  

Sometimes, the kiddies want to hang with us. Kayla usually picks up the most current Flea Market Style and every other home decorating magazine.  On one recent visit, she became enamored with House Beautiful Colors For Your Home

Elliot always picks up the latest Model Railroader magazine (the obsession continues). 

Amelia comes along for the treats.

And for me, well, I’m a bona fide magazine junkie.  Yep!  Show me a lovely and colorful cover with promises to HELP me get organized, get my house cleaned in minutes, raise the most well-behaved, smartest and socially adjusted children, help me find extra funds to line my ever decreasing bank account, AND help me find more time in my schedule to … well, to read more mags, will get me EVERY time.  Some of my current faves are anything published by Stampington & Company, Project Calm and In the Moment, and the newest on the block: The Inspired Home Journal.  And I still enjoy the two magazines I grew up with -  Woman's Day and Family Circle (especially the holiday issues).

What about you?  Read any good magazines lately?  Do share.

Peace and Happiness,

PLEASE NOTE that the links provided in today’s post are for convenience and informational purposes only.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

WANTED: A 6 month planner

I need to buy a six month planner twice a year.  I do.  I find that in January, I am totally obsessed with my new planner, that I spend the next five to six months entering every doctor, dentist and eye appointment, anniversary dates, birthdays, party dates, t-ball schedules, paper clip business cards and invites to pages, and tape in theater and drive-in ticket stubs.  We Moms a/k/a The 4 Generations (there are actually 5, but the youngest is too young) have sat down, pulled out our planners, and compared important dates, weddings, birthdates, etc. to make sure we are all on track.
Posh Organized Living (Andrew McMeel Publishing- So, so pretty and the perfect size
And then the sixth month rolls around and I don’t open my planner often and before you know it, it’s December and time to get a new planner.  I look back over my year and the first half is filled with to the brim evidencing every place we have visited, shopped at, was seen at, every birthday party, every appointment, every T-Ball game. It’s all there.  Proof of a fun, bustling, very busy life.  And then the last six months – nothing.  An occasional, birthdate or party invite found between Halloween and Christmas.  And it’s not like we didn’t do anything.  We did.  Really.  We vacationed, staycationed, went to the zoo, the museum, the amusement park.  Heck, we even hosted a Halloween party and an Ornament Exchange party.  But where’s the proof?

And that’s why I think I need to find a six month planner.   
From Peter Pauper Press - I LOVE this cover!
I guess I could make one, but the store bought are sooooo pretty.  There are SO many to choose from.  And size does matter.  I prefer the 6 x 8 as perfect for me as it fits my purse and goes with me everywhere.  And that's why it also has to be super sturdy.

I guess I could tear a 12 month in half and add new front and back covers to each half.  Maybe, that could work…

I don’t know.  It’s a dilemma.

Another Peter Pauper Press, I love this cover, too!
Do YOU have planner blues around the 6th month mark.  Are you totally hung up on filling your planner with tons of stuff at the beginning of the year and then find you fizzle out???

If so, what’s your go to for getting over the planner blues?????

Peace and Happiness,


Thursday, July 5, 2018

It's Raining and the Sun is Shining

Today I am back to the office and this is what greeted me on my walk to the bus.
It was stunning and a perfect arch.  It was also thundering, the sun was shining and it was raining.  Really!

I had a wonderful five days off.  However, I did not get to any of the housecleaning that I had made lists for.  We did spend alot of time in the car - going the wrong way.  I have NO sense of direction.  

And it was so HOT here.  

We did play cards and squirted each other with the garden hose (that water is COLD)!  

We had a quiet Fourth of July.  

It was ALL GOOD.  

Did you enjoy your 4th??

Peace and Happiness!


Tuesday, July 3, 2018


We are in the midst of a mini-holiday.  I took off yesterday and today, with tomorrow being an office being closed for the 4th.  Although I made a lovely list of all that I wanted to accomplish over the five days I was home, I haven't done any of it. . . yet (there is always tomorrow???).

First, I know many states have hotter temps than we do, but for us, it's been HOT.  

Friday night, E wanted to go to Barnes & Noble, so we did.  Then he wanted to go to Giggles and Smiles.  So he did.  We got there with little time to spare and within the 30 minutes he was there, he managed to make a friend and get invited to a birthday party at Sea Base the next day.

Saturday, as E and I are very early risers, we had breakfast at IHOPS.  Okay, I had breakfast (pancakes, eggs, bacon), he ordered his standard cheeseburgers and fries for breakfast.
And then we took a run out to Sam's Club for garbage bags and clothes soap and picked up more than what was on the list.  We spent the afternoon playing Phase 10 on the porch until it was time to drive out to Sea Base, which is a ONE HOUR drive from our home.

Sunday, the kids started the day off swinging.
Elliot had a T-Ball game.  He started out at first base.
The day was HOT.  The sky was a lovely blue.
He just wanted to go home.  Had a little moment out there standing under the hot sun.  Thank goodness they only play two innings.

We spent the afternoon cooling off with a slip n slide and squirting each other with the hose.  Refreshing!  (translation - that water is COLD!)
That evening found us back at another ball field, only this time for Kayla's fiance's doubleheader.
There is a playground and Elliot spent most of the games playing.
And that brings us to yesterday where we began our day at IHOPS (again). Man, I love mini-holidays!
Then Barnes and Noble.  Are you seeing a pattern here????
Back home, we did the slip n slide and kiddie pool thing.  Then migrated to the front porch to play cards.
Amelia sat in the water table.
Elliot wiped out for a good portion of the afternoon.

The thunder rolled in along with the gray clouds and the rain poured down.  Now, that was refreshing.

I thought maybe I'd get to that list today, but K has a driver's test in the a.m. and Elliot has a dentist appointment in the late afternoon and then we are going to the Drive-In.

I'm going to have to go back to the office if only to get some rest. 😀

Are you enjoying your every day????

Peace and Happiness!


Monday, July 2, 2018

My Summer Manifesto

My Summer Manifesto is simple: 


Our Summer has gotten off to a very rainy start.  However, the sun is shining now!!!! 
K and kiddies at Point State Park Fountain

I have made a LONG list of fun things to choose from as we DO SOMETHING EVERYDAY.  I am big about (K will confirm) traditions and fun memories made.  I always want my family to look back and say, “hey! That was one great summer / winter / fall/ spring”. 

Anyway, I am determined that we to do one or more items on this list every day this summer. 

Go to the Drive-In;
Spend more time with the kiddies running through the sprinkler and playing in our own backyard;
Read the books on our Summer Reading Lists;
Cook with seasonal foods (and eat healthy);
Grow a garden;
Walk the neighborhood in the evenings;
Have more picnics;
Clean out the cellar (again);
DIY Spa weekend once a month;
Go thrifting;
Make something wearable;
Camp-out with the kiddies (make smores);
Take a trip to the zoo;
On a rainy day, go to the museum;
Go miniature golfing;
Take all the kiddies to Kennywood;
Have a Staycation;
Enjoy my front porch;
Make iced tea;
Create with the kiddies often;
Take more photos;
Catch fireflies;
Learn to knit;
Roadtrip; and

Do you have a Summer Manifesto or Bucket List? 
What fun activities do you have planned???
Do share!

Peace and Happiness,

Sunday, July 1, 2018


OR why the dishes do not get done
This month I would like to:

have the basement cleaned out. . .again.  It’s not even funny how stuff accumulates down there

have the “school area” set up and ready to go

have mine and E’s rooms switched

have the dining room furniture painted, but not by me.  Hahaha, ummm, Kayla?????

finish this sweater that I have been working on for almost all of the 100 day project.  Sheesh! 

and then start a new one

spend lots of time with the kiddies

and get ALL OF THE LAUNDRY DONE.  I know it will NEVER be done, but I can’t remember what color the sorting table is.  It might be nice to know.

What's on YOUR to do list this month?

Summer lovin’